Not hate speech, hatred.

I had a restless night, full of dreams: that the European Union had imploded. The yellow vest movement is but a beginning: it is a protest, not a revolution. You can tell a revolution, for the judges and members of tribunals are not merely killed, but their bodies left in public. This is still a time of words. It is a time of pushback. People are still voting, they are not shooting. But the time of shooting may come, and often it is started by those who are weak but are in power. Because violence works, sort of.

Coffee is a sign of a society in peace.

Force breaks up protest movements, atomizing them into fleeing individuals. Almost always. Except in those rare cases where it forges a mob into a cohesive group, with goals (usually big ones) and leaders. It is a gamble that government leaders are willing to take when mobs threaten to end their careers. Macron may be rolling those dice. Reuters reports that the French government fears major rioting this weekend, and plans a major mobilization to fight: 89 thousand members of the security services (including “about 10 armored vehicles belonging to the gendarmerie”).

The “yellow vests” movement comes when Europe is under tremendous strain. Britain is leaving the EU. Other nations, such as Italy and Poland, are in near-rebellion. The flood of immigrants is producing fantastic stresses on the societies across Europe. Now one of Europe’s largest nations has street protests backed by a large majority of its people. The bolts are coming out from Europe’s social machinery.

This could get interesting for France’s leaders. Survival is always interesting.
Fabius Maximus

Violence can break up riots, and that brings a sort of peace. But the elite can forget about monitoring hate speech and preaching against racism, sexism, and their infernal slippery slope to the destruction of the peoples of the nation.

Once they bring in the blue helmets and grapeshot, it is not hate speech they need fear, but hatred. Their only lever left is fear, and that works only for a while: the Soviets found that out the hard way, as did Caligula.

Our elite has tried to ensure that all are credentialed but none educated, in case the people hear the word of the LORD and repent. But they are placing themselves against God, and that is never the way to bet.

Isaiah 5:13-17
13 Therefore my people go into exile
for lack of knowledge;
their honored men go hungry,
and their multitude is parched with thirst.
14 Therefore Sheol has enlarged its appetite
and opened its mouth beyond measure,
and the nobility of Jerusalem and her multitude will go down,
her revelers and he who exults in her.
15 Man is humbled, and each one is brought low,
and the eyes of the haughty are brought low.
16 But the Lord of hosts is exalted in justice,
and the Holy God shows himself holy in righteousness.
17 Then shall the lambs graze as in their pasture,
and nomads shall eat among the ruins of the rich.

person standing on concrete beam facing mountain
Photo by Natalya Letunova / Unsplash

Luke 21:29-38

29 And he told them a parable: “Look at the fig tree, and all the trees. 30 As soon as they come out in leaf, you see for yourselves and know that the summer is already near. 31 So also, when you see these things taking place, you know that the kingdom of God is near. 32 Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all has taken place. 33 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

34 “But watch yourselves lest your hearts be weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and cares of this life, and that day come upon you suddenly like a trap. 35 For it will come upon all who dwell on the face of the whole earth. 36 But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

37 And every day he was teaching in the temple, but at night he went out and lodged on the mount called Olivet. 38 And early in the morning all the people came to him in the temple to hear him.

Some of us saw this coming. I was recruited to a small university town over a decade ago. If I had stayed in Auckland, which was dividing into ghettos -- I saw the Indians take over Sandringham up close and personal, and they have now taken over Papatoetoe, where I grew up -- I would be sitting on a much more valuable hunk of land but I would not be able to trust my neighbours. At all.

I now live outside my new city. The family I visit -- and they have moved either ou t of Auckland completely or live on the outskirts of that multicultural, international conurbation.

If you can do so, move to where the people are like you. Find a church which is faithful: grow your food, and live soberly, carefully, watching the signs of the times.

Because all the prophets and revelation say that the end times will be a test for those of faith. The enemy will rage and claim those he can: using his usual tools -- our lusts, our greed, and our wish to be seen as good by the elite of our land.

But know this: the elite hate us. Their damnation of hate speech is projection.

Yellow Vests Protest, France.

The times are historic. Let the atomized and desperate protest. Mistrust your princes. Care for your family and the congregation you belong to.

Ignore those who would signal virtue.

And this elite? Do not ally with them. Do not be like them.

Above all, do not become converged, and one with them.

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