The modern situation.

More from Four Quartets. The modern situation is one of distraction: all information is propaganda, and the real must be supplanted with virtual reality. Too many people believe their statistical models, not enough doubt the theories, and use their traitorous lies to see the poverty that exists. Perhaps Eliot was prophetic. From Burnt Norton III Continue Reading

11 November 19

One of my papist brothers does not ask for money — and be blogs prolifically — but that one prays for him, or offers a Mass for him. Personally, I’d just prefer a prayer, and this one at the beginning of the Anglican Communion gives me comfort. ALMIGHTY God, unto whom all hearts be open, Continue Reading

Sunday Sonnet.

Going from the time of the English Commonwealth to this fallen post enlightenment decline is a challenge. However, the old hymn here discusses sonnets, and that will suffice. Donne will be one of the flaming tongues above using his wordcraft to praise our Saviour and God. Holy Sonnet 8 If faithful souls be alike glorified Continue Reading

8 November 19.

People can and will make things up. They will make up excuses, and accuse the innocent of things. They will threaten. Whenever possible, they will appeal to the authorities — and whenever possible, tie you up in bureaucratic defences, or remove you somewhere secure, private, where you cannot influence others. But perhaps you are there Continue Reading