New Zealand Sermon Notes

Sermon Study.

I take fairly extensive notes most Sundays when the sermon is on. The trouble is that if you just look at the sermon, and then don’t go back and analyze it, you are selling yourself short. You should search the scriptures to see if what the preacher said was true. I attend a Bapticostal church. […]

Social Change The Decline

Real Activism.

It is not enough to sit on facebook and twitter and other social media and indicate your thoughts and prayers, to use the appropriate hashtags, and to follow the moral outrages of the day. You will get a dopamine hit from likes and retweets, but nothing will change. To change you have to act. On […]

Lectionary New Zealand

Lectionary 13 April 2019

One of the very clear things in this fallen time is that if you preach the word of God without fear or favour it is highly likely that your employer will be frightened. I was encouraged to take down a blog last year, and go anonymous. For a season I did not blog the lectionary […]