Antipodean music.

After Easter, indeed within days, there is ANZAC. Some music, for what is it worth, from Australia and New Zealand This was written by an Aussie, and we’ll let Eddie Veder in. He spends a fair amount of time in NZ.

New Zealand Social Change The Decline

Bleak Daybook.

I was waiting for my querolous papist brother to comment on the fire at Notre Dame. Mundabor is trenchant, and he does not disappoint. The visual signs of degeneration led to horror, to Frenchman singing hymns to the Virgin in the streets. But the rot was there. Our enemy deliberately set it. However, to me […]


Lectionary Thursday 18th April.

Today is the last day for work in NZ, as both Good Friday and Easter Sunday are public holidays. The secular state has not removed them, yet. My church has posters up around town encourating people to an evangelical service on Sunday. So today, I’m using two passages: one from the gospel and one from […]