Monday Daybook.

A lot of administration stuff, setting up wordpress.

  • The theme has gone back to a really old one: twenty ten. One can now do excerpts fairly easily. It is clean, fast, and old.
  • Statcounter is installed.
  • I have not connected with Jetpack. I have had bad experiences with that, in particular it does not play nicely with other plugins.
  • Expect me to use my handle “weka” on most posts.
  • Comments are being screened by Akismet. At present, the rule is simple: don’t be a troll. Be reasonable. Don’t reveal details that are private. If I need to, I will bring in commentary rules.

This resonated with me: not as much because I’m of the spectrum — though I have had enemies call me such — but because “awareness” does nothing. Solve problems instead.

Standing up to bullies included.