Daybook: Calvinism has always been a good fighting religion.

The first quote comes from Mr Day, who has been reading the history of the Peninsular wars. He notes that the last time that Notre Dame was desacralized then there were consequences. Religious consequences. The Saxon became Calvinist: a good faith for those who must fight.

Even men who had not hitherto taken their religion very seriously, began to think that a hell was logically necessary in the scheme of creation for beings like Chaumette or Hebert, Fouquier Tinville or Carrier of the Noyades. And, we may add, a personal devil was surely required, to account for the promptings of insane wickedness which led to the actions of such people. A tightening up of religious observances, such as the use of family prayer and regular attendance at Church, was a marked feature of the time. It required some time for the movement to spread, but its effect was soon observable. It naturally took shape in adhesion to Evangelical societies within the Church of England, or Methodist societies without it; since these were the already existing nuclei round which those whose souls had been stirred by the horrors in France and the imminent peril of Great Britain would group themselves.

Very soon the day was over in which “enthusiasm” was the dread of all normal easy-going men. Something more than the eighteenth century religious sentimentalism, and vague spiritual philosophy, was needed for a nation which had to fight for life and empire against the French Republic and all its works. Those methods of thought were sufficiently discredited by the fact that there was a touch of Rousseau in them : it was easy to look over the Channel, and see to what a belief in some nebulous Supreme Being, and in the perfectibility and essential righteousness of mankind at large, might lead. The God of the Old Testament was a much more satisfactory object of worship to the men who had to face the Jacobin, and Calvinism has always proved a good fighting creed.

Vox Popoli

The world is less sane, and our academic elite are on the vanguard of this: it is not enough to believe the lies, one must not be fit, healthy, whole or sane, or you will be damned.

Onto other matters: this is, after all, a daybook. Sleep matters. And there is now some research around this.

The Washington University study adds to the growing body of evidence pointing to the importance of getting a good night’s sleep—adults require about 7.5 hours a night. The reason is that important physiological processes occur during sleep, especially during cycles of deep sleep and dreaming.
“We knew from earlier research that periods of deep-wave sleep can clear the amyloid, but now we have more direct evidence that sleep can also clear the tau tangles within the neuron,” said Rudolph Tanzi, Ph.D., director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. “Why this is important is that the tangles are actually destroying the neuron from within, which explains why the number of tangles correlates with the degree of dementia in Alzheimer’s.”
For older adults who may have trouble sleeping, Tanzi recommends 30 minutes of exercise a day to help them feel tired by bedtime. He also points out that people think that their sleep has to be uninterrupted and continuous, but that is not the case. “If you only get five or six hours at night, you can make up the difference by taking a couple of short naps during the day,” he noted. Other tricks include keeping the bedroom cool and dark and ensuring that no electronics are in the room.


Now, I know some people consider that I’m theologically living at least one ice age cycle ago, if not when dinosaurs roamed freely. I’m not progressive

However, either the gospel is true or it is not. Religion has to have more than utility. It needs to be true and lead to salvation, or it is false. Regardless of how socially cohesive it is. The current alt-right idea that Christianity must be supported because it makes the state healthy is wrong: a revival, instead, purifies the people and makes the elite healthy. Amy hits it out of the park.

If your Christianity is valuable because of its social utility, then it doesn’t matter whether or not Christ rose again.  It doesn’t matter if Creation is literal or figurative.  The rules (OT or NT) are irrelevant – because Christianity is just a more sophisticated version of the “Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten” poster.    Faith exists *only* to be an opiate for the masses, it exists to keep people well-behaved and orderly.   Church is a social organization.
This attitude, that Christianity is valuable because it makes people nice, leads directly to post-modernist thought, where nothing is objectively true.  It leads directly to the blasphemy present in the mainline churches, where pastors are allowed to speak against the Resurrection from the pulpit.   It leads to where we are now, where half the confessing church is willing to deny key doctrines of the faith.  This isn’t *new*.  This isn’t from today.  In 80 year old footnotes, I was reading the same thing!  We compromise with the world, in an attempt to make the world compromise with us.  It never works, it never has, it never will.
The temptation to try to conquer this earth and make it into a paradise with our own hands is as old as Christianity itself.  This is one of the temptations our Lord was presented with, to exchange the worship of the prince of this world for ownership.

Amy, Hearthrose Ramblings.

Onto more administation things, for those who use linux, a tutorial on how to do screenshots from the keyboard. This is my preferred way to do such on a mac. But Macs are overpriced, and windows is getting worse… I hope that the pinepro can be sorted out. This is what the pre production ones look like.

A handful of early pre-production units have been delivered to key community devs with the intention to get the device tree and kernel ready for partner projects – so that have a basis to work of off when dev kits ship. These early kits have proven very useful not only in getting some important parts of the Pinebook Pro – such as the LCD panel – working but also in uncovering issues with the pre-production PCB and various components. As a result, the PCB issues are now being corrected and alternative components are being tested.

In a nutshell, the hardware is coming nicely and should be ready for a final evaluation soon. The very rapid software development pace has come as a surprise even to us, as things stand we already have nearly completely functional OS images for the Pinebook Pro, which enable all the exposed features of the SOC. We currently hope to have the Pinebook Pro available for purchase early Summer … but this estimate depends on the new PCB testing well and us being happy with the quality of the chosen components.

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