The woke inquisition

Louisa Wall is a self identified minority person who was parachuted into Manurewa, a very safe Labour seat. She’s not done much about the poverty there — if anything, it has got worse. But she virtue signals. Since we can currently question her, she wants all social media and all official presses to be censored, Continue Reading


My kids are more Kek than woke, and clued be years ago into the ideas of Memes and in particular the Pepe. As there is a gradual deplatforming and delinking of anyone who is not supporting the accepted agenda, what is happening is that it is not merely hackers or channers who will use VPNs Continue Reading

Wednesday 8th May 2019

Christ had crowds following him from the beginning of his ministry. However, he called the disciples not from within that crowd. He went to the beach, and called a bunch of fishermen, working on their boats. Not from the crowd pressing him, but from those who had chosen instead to work, and provide for their Continue Reading