Daily anklebiting book.

Not all anklebiters are trolls. Some are immature: all woke are functionally immature. But all trolls are anklebiters. I am getting an infestation of such here: note that all first comments are moderated and all comments go through automated spam checking — I don’t look at those automatically rejected. Multiple links will get you into spam. As will your language. Or lying: I’m old, grey, white, male, and have been lied at all my life. I smell it as surely as the hydrogen sulfide of Rotorua.

All it takes is for one bitter, middle-aged cat lady at taz to label you a Nazi and Antifa has the permission it needs to beat you to death.
It’s just another sign that we are governed by the mediocre, led by the corrupt, and told what to do by the arrogant and the evil. Nowhere is this mediocrity and fear more apparent than in the media.
The United States, where I live now, has the dumbest media in the world. They are absolutely colossal morons. Boneheads. And, just like here, they have a monopoly on what is published about the country they are destroying.
How did they ever come to be so powerful?
I call it the “prestige economy,” in which your value is determined by your ability to stay out of the headlines, to use the right words, to express the right opinions in public and pander to the right people. It doesn’t have anything to do with your talent.
It’s the primary motivating force behind polite society in the twenty-first century.
The prestige economy is why newspapers are closing their comment sections. Have you noticed that, how you can’t comment any more under news stories?
They don’t want the grubby, illiterate readers having opinions next to their pristine 1,200 word columns. Good heavens! Do you know some of those people don’t even have university degrees? Horrifying.
What’s even more embarrassing is that readers were humiliating journalists by pointing out their errors and lies. What did newspapers do? What I’d do, if I owned a media company, is get better journalists. Employ smarter people!
But they didn’t do that. They just closed the comment sections and said everyone was a troll and that all the “abuse” and “harassment” was too much for their delicate constitutions.
We didn’t abuse them. We didn’t harass them. We just weren’t prepared to have them lie to us and get away with it.

Milo, Dangerous.

All the prestige people are virtue signalling fools: to be wise is anathema. The wise are not wanted. They miss the difference between criticism and trolling. Not all critics are anklebiters: some writers are. (You can tell them: they call their readers entitled).

The EU is announcing results this morning (Monday NZ time) and it looks like Brexit (English Nationalist) and SNP (Scottish Nationalist) are cleaning up the UK. Labour and the Tories are largely losing. This will be interesting: some in Labour are wanting to double down and vote for a second referendum and then campaigning to be in the EU. Because those who voted to leave or Brexit may be the majority, but they are not prestigious, so they shall be ignored.

If I was cruel I would leave them without any warning. Leave enemies alone when they are making mistake. However, I know that those of us who are the elect of God were once as they are. Therefore I would tell them not to do this: you may be socialists (that is an error you can change) but at least be English or Scots. There is nothing wrong with that, and you cannot change that.

Or as I see it, not all battles are worth fighting. When you have a surfeit of enemies, some degree of prioritization is necessary. Focus on defeating the important ones first, avoid the battles that cannot be won for one reason or another, and ignore the anklebiters.

Vox Day.

Yesterday was Sunday: a day “off” for exercise and we socialized, eating a normal diet, which left us ravenously hungry. This morning we were both sore, suffering, and inflamed. Consistency matters. Don’t let others set the agenda: set it yourself. This applies to more than fitness.

Consistency makes a huge difference, and now that I am really getting somewhere it is imperative for me that I do not miss a session. It’s not enough to lift weights; you have to lift the right way, with the right program, with the right consistency, with the right diet, and with the right attitude.
As a man you will find if you go this route that you have two lives; the life where you were weak and then the life where you are strong. Once you get strong, really strong, there is no going back simply because you won’t allow yourself to regress.

Adam Piggott

What we need to do, above all, is be ourselves. We were not chosen by God to be our clones, but to become more like we are: the ur-us, the ideal. That is many things, but not bland, not uniform, not bland. I’d disagree with Charlton: voting can be useful. It can really annoy the managerial elite, who find the process unmanageable, deplorable.

If not, then what? If I suggest that organising, voting, participating-in The System is actually making-things-worse – then what should people do instead?

(‘Instead’, since whatever we have-been doing is clearly ineffective.)

Instead, we should beach of us become really and truly self-motivated self-evaluators, agents who thinf for our-selves, from our freedom – who believe not what we are told but what we know from personal experience understood by direct intuition, who think not as we are told but as what arises from-with; be individuals whose behaviours can neither be predicted nor manipulated en-masse.

We should behave like cats; and cats cannot be herded.

Bruce Charlton.

Most professional and academic management is the folorn attempt to herd felines. Let the woke do so. We shall not be like them.