Adam Piggot (whose biography I’m reading, and it sticks to the classic rules for a bildungsroman) watched a couple of episodes of game of thrones so you don’t have to. It was awful when I stopped reading the books (the first novel is OK: stop then). It is worse now. Martin cannot finish the book, and Piggot diagnoses the problem correctly.

Like most epic fantasy there is no story arc. Tolkien wrote the high fantasy epic to end all epics but what his far too numerous imitators failed to understand is that The Lord of the Rings is classic storytelling because it carefully follows basic rules which were set in place by chaps such as Chaucer and Shakespeare and the guy who wrote Beowulf, perhaps you’ve heard of them.
Martin set out to write something but he obviously never planned things out. Instead he just went along at his own pace hoping that he’d stumble onto a worthy finish. So the HBO writers had to do it for him and that meant carnage on a massive scale and just kill everyone in sight.

While we are at it, the Z man argues that the current virtue cycle, which has degenerated into a wuke inquisition, is the end of the hippie / generation 1968 consensus. His question is what comes next. I have theories, but I do read the Revelation of St John.

These spasms of religiosity, spiritualism and social activism, within the context of Christian belief, had some built in limits. Within the Christian context, utopianism could be avoided, as that contradicts Christian dogma. By the 20th century, however, American elites were losing their Christianity. The arrival of Jewish intellectuals in the early 20th accelerated the secularization of the elite. As a result, the Progressive spasm of the 60’s and the current one, was and is anti-Christian and utopian.
This lack of a limiting principle in the “new religion” of the ruling class, and that’s what multiculturalism is when you think about it, inevitably leads to excess. The 60’s ended with excessive drug taking, social unrest and pointless terrorism. This current spasm appears to be burning itself out in mindless self-destruction, assaults on reason and self-mutilation. The race to stake out the most extreme position leads to an embrace of increasingly self-destructive behaviors by the people leading the revival.
Getting back to social cycle theory, where Spengler and others may have gone wrong is in their scope. Perhaps what we are seeing in America with these revivals is the end of a cultural phase, rather than the culture as a whole. The New Deal era closed the door on the post-Civil War period. The cultural revolution of the 60’s closed the door on the New Deal consensus. This current spasm is closing the door on the New Left consensus that defined the late Cold War and post-Cold War period. This the end, not the beginning.

Z Man.

Without Christ, religious enthusiasm is hubris. The ancients knew that the gods made their enemies mad, the woke do not believe in gods or God, but do lose rationality in the correct postmodern way regardless. They are getting worse. Back up, and own your platforms. WordPress (and I use their software) are taking down people who use their (((free))) hosting. Better to pay for it. You will no longer be warned. Our woke leaders demand one strike banning

I almost can’t believe how quickly the Censorship State is gelling into our unquestioned daily reality.
We’re only a few years away from having to store hard copies of dissident writings, in the form of paper books and parchment manifestos, in bunkers and buried lockers. Nothing digital will survive the foliocaust.

Heartiste, on Gab.
Via Gab. Your kids should look like you.

On another topic, Dragonfly has a very good discussion of a very unhappy Victorian marriage: that of Leo Tolstoy. She reflects then on her own marriage. Your stresses can be held as resentments, or used for growth. Sofia Tolstoy held herself in resentment and kept herself as a martyr. Miserable. Which marriage should not be.

Major outside stresses that could have broken us, didn’t, and when I read the old diaries, they’re filled with this stuff (getting kicked out for wanting to marry him, living in poverty for a few years, having a baby before we were financially ready, doing too much at one time like school, work, and child-rearing, extreme in-law problems, losing jobs early on that made it more financially stressful, miscarriage, parental health decline, caring for dying grand-parents, etc.)… the diaries hit on all those events, but at the same time they’re also filled with so much joy, optimism, and hope and ways/ideas to be better in the future.  They read in stark contrast to the way Sofia wrote and thought about life.  It’s been a very important spiritual lesson to see the way she saw things, how she couldn’t get past them, and then how those, “hang-ups,” caused her to destroy her own happiness or future chance at happiness.
When I went to a counselor a few years ago because my husband wanted me to after my dad had his stroke, he was amazed how good our marriage was even with going through as many difficulties we’d already been through.  He had some kind of checklist for “major,” trials a couple may have experienced in marriage, and our marriage checked almost every one!  By all accounts, we should have been in a horrible marriage where I resented and hated him for, “failing,” me as a husband.  The counselor was very proud of how in love we still were, how strong our marriage was, and how even after everything we’d been through, we still had a joyful and cheerful outlook on life and the future.

Girl with the Dragonfly Tattoo.

On a technical note. Any phone that runs android can be made to run something else, and a company is proposing selling refurbished phones with a mobile os that has all the google spyware stripped out. Now, I’m running a chinese android analogue at present, which works, and the idea when it dies of moving to something simpler, smaller and still high quality is good. The high end smart phone will die unless it is no longer used to spy on you.