I eat basically anything that is not sugar. Low sugar makes me cranky, high sugars make me sleepy and inattentive. However, my beloved has a pile of things that he reacts to, and is getting more worried, to the point of following Dr Gundry. He irritates the hell out of me: Too much pseudoscience and pseudoevolution — like a Paleo dogmatist on steroids. However, I’m a pragmatist with Latent Autoimmune Diabetes. If I eat the high carbohydrate diet that remains standard dogma of most dieticians… well you better find some Lantus, because my glucose will be too high. Yes, that includes such low GI foods as rolled oats.

So I eat the kind of foods that make dieticians cringe and crossfitters smile. And my mood has improved. But there are now enough anecdotes to make a hypothesis. Please note that I ignore any dietary guru that does not allow coffee.

As a psychiatrist specializing in nutrition, I work with people to help troubleshoot, customize and optimize their diets to improve their mental health, with the goal of reducing or in some cases even eliminating the need for psychiatric medications. There are many different dietary strategies that can help people achieve this goal—removing processed foods, carefully supplementing whole food plant-based diets, ketogenic diets, etc. It’s important to emphasize that most people probably don’t need to go to the extreme of removing all plants from their diet in order to experience relief, and of course, no diet, including a carnivore diet, will work for everyone. 
All that being said, I have consulted with many people who report significant mental health benefits on low-plant and plant-free diets. While I am not at liberty to share the details of these confidential cases, numerous compelling, public first-hand personal accounts of psychiatric conditions resolving on all-meat diets exist, including this interview with 58-year-old West Virginia-born musician Brett Lloyd and this conversation with Andrew Graf, a young entomologist in Texas, both conducted by Boston-based host Scott Myslinski on his CarnivoreCast podcast. Dr. Baker curates a wonderful collection of mental health testimonials at, which contains 110 entries to date.
I count myself among the believers. In 2008 I reversed symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines, and IBS by gradually removing most plant food from my diet. As a psychiatrist, I was fascinated to observe that my mood, energy, sleep, and concentration improved significantly as well. I share more about my story in this video interview with Ivor Cummins.  [I switched from a very low-plant ketogenic diet to a pure carnivore diet in June 2018, long after this conversation took place]. It was that extraordinary experience that called me to question conventional beliefs about food and health, gave birth to my passion for the study of nutrition science, and led eventually to my first public presentation in 2012 Little Shop of Horrors: the Risks and Benefits of Eating Plants.
As surprising and powerful as these stories are, they are just anecdotes…they do not constitute formal scientific evidence. Perhaps all of these alleged improvements could be chalked up to exaggeration, wishful thinking, or coincidence. It is up to you whether you choose to dismiss them, become genuinely curious about them, or feel inspired by them.  
If remarkable stories of chronic mental illness being put into remission through all-meat diets are to be believed, we have to ask why. Why might a diet completely devoid of the plant foods we are told to be so healthy for us be—at least in some cases— ostensibly healthier for the brain than one containing plants?

Georgia EaDe, Psychology Today.
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On a technical note (or three) I am intrigued by Deepin as a desktop environment. At present I use cinnamon and xfce, but as Fedora 30 is out, I’m thinking of using it. Usual issues with moving Fedora 30: some third party repositories break. This is less of a hassle with Manjaro (which is also faster, at least in my hands), which also has a deepin distribution. But Fedora does not break, despite the way I add odd programmes to it. So it remains of the servers.

On a more sober note, it is always good to read the Woodplile report. This week he quotes Lind, who is trenchant. When there is a collusion to not discuss truth, and everything is ideology, then people will vote with their feet.

First, it means understanding that the Left is no longer made up of liberals.  It is now dominated by cultural Marxists, believers in the ideology concocted largely by the Frankfurt School that translates Marxism from economic into cultural terms.  Like all Marxists, cultural Marxists are totalitarians.  There is nothing “liberal” about them, in any sense of the word.  Their goal, as we see from what they do on college campuses they control, is to punish any thought or expression that deviates from their views.  The usual terms for such a deviation are “racism”, “sexism”, and “homophobia”. (Denunciation for these imagined sins is itself “ism-ism”, the magical belief that realities such as differences among races or between the sexes can be nullified by calling them names ending in “ism”.)  Cultural Marxism’s call for “equality” is a lie; it seeks to put Blacks over White (and Asians), women over men, and gays over straights.  Everything noble, beautiful, or grand is to be pulled down while whatever floats down humanity’s sewer is to be plopped on the civic altar with a demand we bow down and worship it.
Second, America is not a democracy.  It is an oligarchy, run by a “new class” that rules both in Washington and on Wall Street.  The new class has three main characteristics: it can’t make things work, it uses its wealth and power to exempt itself from the consequences of things not working, and it cares about only one thing, namely remaining the new class.  It is made up overwhelmingly of people who want to be something, not people who want to do something.  It knuckles under to cultural Marxism not because it believes in it–t believes in nothing but its own right to money and power–but because it is made up of moral cowards.  Principles have a nasty habit of getting in the way of career progression.
The Wall Street wing of the new class–each wing supports the other–has become the top 1% financially in part by exporting the jobs of middle-class Americans.  By moving a great deal of our manufacturing abroad, with white-collar jobs now following fast, the 1% has obliterated the blue-collar middle class that was the pride of 1950’s America.  Middle class Americans now find themselves falling further and further behind until they can no longer afford a middle-class way of life.
Third, this whole rotten structure is about to fall.  Heartland Americans are fed up with cultural Marxism, also known as “political correctness”, that’s one of the main reasons they voted for President Trump.  The 2016 electoral map, seen by county, shows a vast red America with a few tiny blue enclaves.  Red America will not let itself be ruled by those enclaves any longer.
Economically, the whole world is headed for a massive debt crisis, which means not a recession but a depression.  When that hits, everyone but the 1% will become poor.  Already, young people entering the labor force find it almost impossible to get a job with a living wage.  In a depression, no one can find work, and moving home with mom and dad isn’t an option because they don’t have any money themselves.
Does this mean revolution?  Over roughly the past five centuries, it might have.  Now, in an era when the state is in decline, it is more likely to mean devolution.  People will seek, and find, ways to disconnect themselves from the new class, a.k.a. the Establishment, and Washington; from cultural Marxism and its clients; and from a dead globalist economy.  To the degree this happens peacefully, it will not be a bad thing.

William lindt
Manjaro Linux up on a laptop, running deepin

And James Kunstler comments in the same vein. If you get someone from the left and right concurring, it is always worth attending. The USA is in decay, as are the elite. I do not joke when I say do not be like them.

The pension funds are truly big, ominous bombs, because when they fail, they will set up unresolvable fiscal problems that will turn ugly and political. Even if the federal government attempts some kind of “one-time” bail-out, it will not solve the embedded Ponzi problem of a system that has to pay off an ever-expanding pool of claims with an ever-diminishing stream of revenue. It will only be another swipe of the blade cutting off the legs of the US dollar so that it in the end every pensioner will receive his-or-her promised payout in dollars that are increasingly worthless. We may even discover that the opioid epidemic has been the only thing keeping the immiserated denizens of Flyover-land from resorting to violent insurrection.
These internal problems of the USA point in the direction of states and whole regions stealthily seceding from a federal system that can’t run itself competently at scale anymore. The process has already begun in such acts of defiance as “sanctuary states” and the burgeoning marijuana industry. Unlike the calamity of 1861, though, there may be no way to even attempt to hold the old Union together, even by force. Instead, as is the case with all foundering empires, the end will be a sickening slide into a new and strange disposition of things. One of the last successful acts of the American empire may be to send the RussiaGate instigators to jail.

Kunstler, Cluster Nation.

I’ve moved from the big city where i grew up, to a university town, then out of that. We grow what we can. We spend as little as we can. Because the NZ pensions may crash as well — if and when the stock market crashes. The property market in NZ and Australia is starting to fall over as I write. Invest in skills that people will always need. Invest in something that can always feed you.

And learn from Venezuela. You cannot eat a currency, You certainly cannot eat status.