The worm turns the daybook.

The use of tragedies for political gain is reprehensible. The most recent school shooting (which does not fit the current narrative that well) was still used by activists. But the kids saw through this, and walked out.

A day after two students shot up a school, survivors walked out of a vigil organized by gun control advocates, saying they felt excluded from what should have been an opportunity to grieve.
Team Enough and Moms Demand Action helped promote the Wednesday evening gathering, and more than 100 students and several hundred parents from the STEM School packed into the gymnasium bleachers, hoping to find community and catharsis.

But after sitting through remarks by Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) and Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), and realizing the program was centered around changing gun laws, students who had hoped to speak lost patience and walked out en masse.
“This was not about us. We can do our own vigil,” one STEM student remarked.

Kirsten Kidd, Daily Beast.

Next data point. Peter Grant writes well. He grew up in Africa, and has spent a fair amount of his adult life in the less developed parts of the world. He argues that most immigration to the first world is because being a street sweeper in Europe is better than having a middle class job in Africa. Accurately. The woke won’t accept this, but they are provincial, and project their ignorant hypocrisy on anyone… but them.

To call America “racist” today is to betray one’s own complete and utter lack of understanding of that term. I’ve spent years working in the Third World, and I can promise you, there are millions upon millions of impoverished residents there who would cheerfully commit any crime, up to and including murder, to be able to enjoy the lifestyle that the poorest of our poor must “endure” from day to day. Those Third World residents know the meaning of racism, tribalism, cronyism, corruption, and every other evil one can imagine. They live it every day. They wouldn’t find our system racist at all.

Peter Grant.

I think it was Bruce Sterling who said, a few decades ago, that the future is already here if you know where to look. He wrote his novels after spending a fair amount of time in Japan. However, the future is no longer there, but where there is a new generation. That is Eastern Europe, and they are regulating speech, but in a way that subverts the woke. They are making blasphemy laws have teeth again.

A woman has been arrested on suspicion of offending religious sentiment, after posters bearing an image of the Virgin Mary with her halo painted in the colours of the rainbow flag appeared in the city of Płock in central Poland.
The Polish interior minister, Joachim Brudziński, announced on Twitter on Monday that a person had been arrested for “carrying out a profanation of the Virgin Mary of Częstochowa”.
A Płock police spokeswoman confirmed a 51-year-old woman had been arrested over the alleged offence. The woman had been abroad, but upon her return, the police entered and searched her home, where they found several dozen images of the Virgin Mary with the rainbow-coloured halo.

The “Black Madonna of Częstochowa” is a revered Byzantine icon that resides in the monastery of Jasna Góra, a UN world heritage site and Poland’s holiest Catholic shrine.
Offending religious feeling is a crime under the Polish penal code. If convicted, the woman could face a prison sentence of up to two years.
Brudziński, who described the posters as “cultural barbarism” when they appeared overnight in April, said: “Telling stories about freedom and ‘tolerance’ doesn’t give anyone the right to offend the feelings of believers.”
Poland’s ruling rightwing Law and Justice party (PiS) has sought to mobilise its core electorate in the run-up to the European elections by raising the spectre of the country being overwhelmed by western liberal social values.

Christian Davies, Guardian.

Regulation of speech is not a one way street. If you expect speech you dislike to be removed, then expect the same rules to be applied to you. (The Anglican bishop who is trying to regulate the Pentecostal beliefs of Israel Folau is merely signalling he’s safe to the authorities he fears, and his apostasy to the God he claims to worship). He’s lying, but he is of the left.

The left lie, know they lie, and therefore are trying to regulate speech. They believe they can enter corporations, make them woke, and nothing will happen. This is wrong. There will be pushback. There will be new platforms made. People will vote with their feet, and not use their products if there is any alternative available. Lenin was wrong: people vote with their wallets first, then with their feet.

Everyone knows this by now, but the #Woke Death Spiral always goes the same way:
1. Social Justice warriors invade a hobby — usually, one favored by men — in order to “deproblematize” it and make it “welcoming” towards people who don’t enjoy the hobby and have no intention of every joining the hobby.
2. Over the course of a year or 18 months, the hobby is reconfigured to be less and less about the hobby itself, and more and more just about “social justice.”
3. Then the hobby dies.
Which, more often than not, was a secondary goal of the Social Justice Warriors. Plan A is to turn the hobby into an indoctrination vehicle.
If Plan A doesn’t work, then Plan B — destroy the hobby completely — is a perfectly felicitous outcome.
If something can’t be used to propagandize for the left, it does not deserve, and cannot be permitted, to exist.

Ace of Spades

I ignore such: being fairly introverted, I just go home and enjoy my hobbies. Besides, the #nonwoke platforms survive. The woke are broke, the hackers continue. (Looking at the current problems with apple, google and microsoft, bet on microsoft surviving… like the cockroach it is. If Linux falls over, it will easy to move to a BSD or Hurd based OS).

In case of you wonder why I like Pine64, I have one of these. And I have used one to blog. It works… but it is slow. The Pine Pro is coming, and will be usable. Manjaro is my go to laptop OS. What this is a proof of concept. Having said that, my oldest laptop is about this slow… and I did buy that second hand.