Around the traps.

Adam is wrong. Australia is not the only first world country to get socialism, full dose. NZ had it, under Muldoon (nominally conservative, in practice a micromanaging, tyrannical bastard). Our current government was bad, but they have not bankrupted us. Yet. Muldoon did.

However, the Aussie Greens (who are woke, hypocritical, and hypersensitive) will be aligned with Labour (generally, in NSW and Victoria, corrupt) for this election which the press (read woke propaganda) so expect a lot of virtue signalling and power cuts. Your better hope is that the Aussie workers rebel now and elect those the woke hate. If that does not happen, Adam will be, sadly right. (He was wrong: the pollsters were reading too much the narrative. Labour has clearly lost. )

II truly think that Australia is the Western nation most likely to fall down the socialist hellhole which is normally restricted to 2nd or 3rd world nations.
The reason for this is that Australia has never had to battle on its own ground to create its existence as a nation. At federation in 1901, several separate Australian states came together and agreed on a nation binding agreement, the Australian constitution, and thus a new nation was formed. This process was voluntary. It is the only time in the history of the world that such a process has happened voluntarily. Of course, the British Empire was at the heights of its considerable power and was rather invested in a peaceful process, but it is still impressive nonetheless.
Unfortunately it has doomed us. It has doomed us because we have never had to fight and suffer for what we have, and when it’s handed to you on a plate then with each successive generation you begin to take it for granted. Lessons learned in the past reach down for a very long time over future generations. For example, the Germans are very careful with their economy because they have suffered through the awfulness of hyperinflation. They know not only that it can happen but what it is actually like.
The USA had to fight for its existence against not only the British, but the Mexicans, the Spanish, the Indians, and finally each other. Britain has has that awfulness many times over. Ditto for every European nation as anyone with only a cursory interest in the Holy Roman Empire knows. Even Canada had to fight a few decent battles here and there as Great Britain, the USA and France all tried to make the land their own.
But not Australia. We had a dream run. We became “the lucky country”, a good fortune that we erroneously believed was permanent. But native Australians do not know how bad things can get. People in general cannot imagine that which is awful, let alone that which is beyond awful. We have a unified nation on an entire continent that holds the vast majority of resources in the Asian sphere, and we are about to throw it all away. I have no doubt that this is the journey. I am not writing to state that if we do this or that then we might avert a catastrophe. No, the catastrophe is already in play. Australia is about to get socialism good and hard, Venezuelan style.

Adam PIggott.

NZ had land wars: the new settlers, (my people — then English, now Pakeha) won. The Maori — loyalist and rebels alike — lost. We are still dealing with the scars of that war though the last battle was in the 1880s. Both Maori and Pakeha fought and died, then made a peace of sorts, and we built NZ. We have skin in the game.

Our leaders do not. They lie, and align with liars. What we though, instinctively, is now well known, and we are ignoring those who call any dissension hate speech.

The attacks on the Brexit Party, and the utter failure of the attacks to impact on public sentiment, reveal two things. First: the debasement of political life at the hands of the technocratic elites. Having spent the past three decades draining public life of politics, morality and ideology, in favour of presenting themselves as the cool, neutral ‘managers’ of society, these people have completely forgotten how to do politics. Their outsourcing of political authority to Brussels, and their eschewing of ideological debate in preference for the drab managerialism of the so-called Third Way, has led to their own infantilisation, to their transformation into bureaucrats ill-versed in substantial discussion. This is why they must now rely either on fear (‘a Hard Brexit will plunge us into dystopia’) or insult (‘the Brexit Party are far-right weirdos’). Because in hollowing out political life, and self-consciously elevating it above the rough and tumble of democratic debate, they made themselves bereft of conviction, ideas, even basic debating skills. All they have left as a means of public persuasion is terror and abuse.
This has become a serious problem in 21st-century public life – the shift away from discussing ideas and policy towards obsessing over an individual’s alleged character or ‘hidden motives’. The Brexit Party has received an extraordinary amount of character assassination – or rather, attempted character assassination. Claire Fox’s political past is dredged up, by those who clearly have nothing of substance to say about her political present and her arguments in defence of democracy. Nigel Farage is branded ‘far right’, with not so much as a sliver of evidence: everyone’s ‘far right’ in the eyes of the politically illiterate technocratic elite. ‘WHO FUNDS YOU?’, anti-Brexit observers bark at the Brexit Party and everyone else they disagree with. Whenever you hear this question, the witless cry of panicked elites, you know you’ve won the argument.

Brendan O’Neil, Spiked

Now for the serves of the week. Let’s start with Stacey, on a tired and no longer read blogger. Charles Johnson went woke a long time ago.

Also, when was the last time a woman — any woman, amateur or professional — had sex with Charles Johnson? He has never reproduced, and he’s now 66 years old, so it looks like he’s a Darwinian dead end. Reproductive failure is common among liberals, because #science or something.

Stacey McCain, The Other McCain.

And the best comment from the Aussie election,

Labour used to be for the working man. Now it is for people who don’t work.

An anonymous Ocker, the press.

If you go too crazy, people walk away. This is what is happening to the woke. Their movement will be short lived. Do not fall into that activist trap. Instead, live quietly, soberly, and well away from crowds