Facebook is starting to implode with their current fetish for banning things. Crossfit and many of its affiliates have stopped using Instagram and Facebook. Simply put, the model of a box is that it becomes a cpmmunity. Most people go to the box at the same time most days with the same crew. If you want to announce something, you just do it. Facebook and instagram are for promotion of ephemera such as competitions.

Today the popular workout and diet program CrossFit announced its decision to discontinue all use of Facebook after one of its affiliate groups, which had over 1.65 million users in its Facebook group, was banned from the platform without explanation.
After the Banting7DayMealPlan Facebook group was banned without explanation, CrossFit announced its decision to end all use of both Facebook and Instagram in an apparent boycott.
According to CrossFit, the group was used by over 1.65 million users to share advice, testimonials, and provide encouragement to users pursuing the CrossFit health plan.

From Gab.

I’m increasing the frequency of posts, and leaving the lectionary posts a lot more bare. What matters is the biblical text, not my gloss. First thing in the morning, I’m not that smart. But God is, and his words matter.

Besides, Adam speaks truth here. I’d add that false science includes much of the theory underpinning evolution, psychoanalysis, anthropology and sociology. There are some good scientists in those areas, but they have to deal with peer review. The polemicists, such as Naomi Wolf (who, Adam, is a fraud and a fool) never care about knowledge. They only care about rhetoric. Unfortunately, all too often they do the peer review.

True science involves the scientist formulating a hypothesis and then repeatedly testing the hypothesis in order to disprove it. It matters not how many supporting tests you come up with, if it is disproved once then it has been proven to be false.
Fake science works in a couple of ways. A common scam is to reverse the method by finding a lot of evidence and then constructing a hypothesis around this. Another way is by cherry picking collaborative evidence. Taken further and we have falsification of evidence, not to mention the highly suspect routine of substantiating science by what is known as peer review, or in other words, science by popularity.
Science in the past was more robust simply because the system itself was geared towards practicable results, but when science made the leap from a search for knowledge to merely a means to propagate a career then it became inevitably tainted.

Adam Piggott

In the meantime, it’s time to boycott most magazines. The Spectator gets an exemption, but wired (which I perused this week) is now anaemic and converged, or family businesses servicing the less talented, Or just deeply corrupt, as the US political elite clearly are.

And the same people, the same polemicists, the same revolutionaries, are here. (Yes, an Australian link, but the same pressure is upon us with one difference — we had selected for us a progressive, globalist government made up of minority parties). The wisest response to such at present is silence: criticism will get you deplatformed and disemployed.

Take note. And do not be like them.

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