I am a realist. This makes me, among US academics, unemployable, according to Briggs. Briggs is correct, by the way: the queen of science is theology.

Most of the faculty in every department, at most places, is progressive. The balance between progressives and Realists never turns in the direction of Realists. (You know you’re a Realist if you agree with John Henry Newman that theology is the queen of sciences.) There are fields more closely aligned with Reality than others, such as physics and math. The progressive professor in these areas can turn against his belief, acknowledge Reality, and do good work. This becomes increasingly difficult the more important ideology becomes. Mentioning this sort of thing is enough to get you kicked out of the academy.
Money washes over universities like waves at high tide in hurricanes. This ensures “research” continues to be done, and will continue in those areas in which the government demands results.
Universities need not be places of research. There are two mistakes in thinking here. One, that “research” must be done at universities, and two, that professors should do research. Both damage education for (what we call now) undergraduates.
Yes, doctoral trainees should apprentice under masters of research, but this need not take place at institutions which also house the young. The overhead, the huge wad of cash tacked onto research funds, is being put to ill use by administrators in their corruption of education.
The requirement that professors who teach the young must publish or perish causes the propagation and great surge of nonsense. Those who profess who have something important to say about Reality are morally obliged to say it. It follows that those who have nothing interesting to say, or those who shun Reality, should keep quiet.

Universities are Doomed. W.M. Briggs.

In the meantime, the Pinebook Pro has a webpage up. It appears that there are some hardware problems to be sorted, but the basic hardware is working. I love cheap engineering. The idea of a PinePhone, and being able to avoid google, is good. Google does intrude into our modern computing life overmuch.