My kids are more Kek than woke, and clued be years ago into the ideas of Memes and in particular the Pepe. As there is a gradual deplatforming and delinking of anyone who is not supporting the accepted agenda, what is happening is that it is not merely hackers or channers who will use VPNs or Tor, but anyone who wants news, or to chat quietly with friends away from the woke inquisition.

There is good reason that courts have largely protected speech, full stop, not merely speech that doesn’t offend anyone. Deciding what constitutes offense almost inevitably ends up serving the ideological biases, and the interests, of the class of people doing the deciding.
Though, to be sure, we already get our information mostly from a relatively small number of people, who collectively decide what the nation as a whole will learn about. We call them news organizations and, until the Internet came around, that was the only way most people had to find out what was happening. Those organizations have historically made judgments about offensiveness in much the way that Facebook, Twitter and social-media platforms will probably make them: a combination of personal values, professional judgment and fear of making customers angry enough to cancel their subscription.

But that assumption might not completely satisfy the public — or even the social-media giants.
The public might worry because social media is much more consolidated than the old media industry ever was. Yes, the average U.S. citizen in 1970 had access to three television networks and one daily newspaper. But there were also countless magazines available by mail, which acted as a substantial check on local censorship. Some local stories might have been overlooked, but at the national level, there was robust competition.
Social media, by contrast, tends to consolidate down to a handful of players at the national — or even the global — level, simply because everyone wants to be in the same social media networks as their friends. Moreover, those networks are largely run out of a single small area that doesn’t look much like the rest of the country — economically, demographically or ideologically. Little wonder that many people in “flyover country” distrust the decisions those companies are making about what is acceptable and what is verboten

Megan McArdle, Washington Post.

There is a problem with McArdle, and much conservatism. Bruce Charlton notes it: we do not win wars (words, or deeds) because we let the enemy throw tantrums until they set the terms of debate and thus the battle. We need instead to take the high ground. Metaphysics and Theology.

Though the woke deny it, they have a metaphysic and theology. It is merely impoverished.

Well, Christians cannot argue.

Christians can only – like the Leftists – state our convictions.

So, the opposition to SSM would need to be stated in terms of the positive, Christian convictions that SSM violates. In a form such as ‘We believe XYZ, therefore oppose SSM’.

If there is going to be any ‘argument’ it will need to be about XYZ – which is about fundamental assumptions, which is a metaphysical discussion – and any such discourse ought to benefit Christians, since mainstream modern Leftism denies the reality of metaphysics; and denies that there are fundamental assumptions that need to be chosen.

Any discussion that shows that mainstream materialist Leftism is itself based on assumptions, is a plus. 

So, Christians must stop acting like pragmatists or social scientists; and start revealing their idealism… Must stop arguing, and start stating their convictions.

Bruce Charlton.

I believe, in this time, that demonstrating your belief is better than defending it. At present I am not able to lift: I am recovering from surgery. But lifting, as a man, is needed: strength matters for both men and women, but while women need less, men need more. Yes, it needs moderation, and part of that is aerobic work. But you need to be disciplined and live it.

Being masculine is not just in your head – it’s in your body too. You can lift, rock climb, kayak, row, box, throw kettleballs, whatever you want as long as it builds muscle and makes you physically strong. I’m not talking cardio here, so all you runners can go and take a running jump.

Take a look at that photo at the top. That there is pajama boy. That is a twenty seven year old man. Do not compare him to women for that is insulting. It insults women because the inference is that they are inferior. It insults men because it is designed to shame them. If we mock men by comparing them to women then we are mocking women. Men must be compared to other men. That picture is a sorry excuse for a man.
Men are stronger than women in some things and weaker in others. One of our comparative strengths is physical strength. It defines us as men. As a modern man you need to be as strong as you are able while still retaining a sense of moderation.

Adam, Pushing Rummber Donwhill.

Until I can lift again — scars have to heal — I can walk, and then add stretching as the scars heal, and body weight rehab. then the gym, scaled appropriately. The challenge is when you get exhausted and injury. This is when moderation comes in: you need to rest to be able to work out without injuring yourself. As you get older,this becomes more important as the healing time from injuries is … longer.

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