Daybook and Politics.

National has got parts of the budget (due in a couple of days, and always commercially sensitive, as our currency floats) early and published them. There are accusations that this was a hack. But David Farrar guessed it was people letting standard URLs become available, and Idiot Savant probably confirmed this. Idiot Savant is trenchant, and as I try to keep this family and work friendly I’ve redacted some of his more correct statements. I agree with him on this: the witch hunt will do more damage than the event. Work out what they did: that the cloud is nor your friend, and don’t do it again.

The most likely scenario is that Treasury{were incompetent] and left them lying around on their web-server for anyone to read, and National or one of its proxies noticed this and exploited it. Accessing unprotected data on a public web-server isn’t “hacking” in any sense of the word – its just browsing. But unless some low-level Treasury IT prole directly admitted that they {did this}and resigned immediately, the bureaucratic incentive towards {coverups] and blame-avoidance pushes that to be reclassified as nefarious “hacking”, and that incentive gets stronger the higher up the chain (and the further away from IT knowledge) you get. And so “obscurity still isn’t security” transforms into “our security was hacked” in the same way that “a crock of shit which stinks” becomes “a powerful growth-promoting plan”

Unfortunately the natural instincts of power in New Zealand are to double down rather than admit a mistake, and to call in the police when embarrassed – just look at the tea tape, or Dirty Politics. With those, we saw police raiding newsrooms and journalist’s homes. I’m wondering if we’re going to see police raiding the opposition this time. Which would be highly damaging to our democracy. To point out the obvious, that’s the sort of shit done in Australia, and worse places. Its not something we should tolerate here, and I would hope that the Speaker would resist any attempt to do so.

Idiot Savant.

This is not the narrative that is out there. Instead that there is some form of leaking, some conspiracy. IS is quite correct: this is probably wrong, and could be damaging. It did amuse a certain Cameron Slater, as people thought he had done it.

From Linkedin.

Thanks for all the credit I’ve been getting on Twatter and Sookbook for hacking Treasury’s website on behalf of a party I don’t belong to and didn’t vote for, but it wasn’t me. I’m still too rooted to work, but getting better, slowly, thanks.

Cameron Slater, Facebook.

So, we wait for the budget. National is saying not their fault, they found the information, and the current government need to be accountable. The Government as saying they were hacked, while promising more funding for sectors in a series of pre budget announcements. it’s getting messy.