The people can always choose a new elite.

I think this was via Instapundit, but Mark Steyn has it correctly. Our rulers are there by our consent. That consent can be withdrawn. The example he is using is the European election (and I have friends, who are Scottish Nationalists, who see all this as a wedge issue driven by the Tory press barons, and that the people are stupid). This is the equivalent of telling the state of Queensland that they are idiots, and Morrison should not have been elected. The people could vote. They have. The old elite has been found wanting.

When the party of government falls from favor, the beneficiary is usually the principal opposition. Instead, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party saw its vote fall almost as precipitously as the Tories’. Against the Conservatives’ single-digit nine per cent, Labour could muster only fourteen per cent, its own worst result in a century – in fact, since 1910. Which would also be hard to spin, had Theresa May not done Corbyn the favor of pulling off an unbeatable record.
As I’ve been saying for four years in a Trump context, it’s easier for the base to get itself a new elite than for the elite to get itself a new base. Three years ago the Brexit referendum revealed that Parliament and the people had become misaligned: If over half the people support a policy that no “mainstream” party supports, then in what sense are those parties mainstream? Mrs May should have enacted the people’s wishes, exited the EU on WTO terms, left it largely to civil servants to smooth the technical adjustments, and then invited Brussels to take its time and make proposals for such new arrangements as they might wish to entertain. By now, Brexit would be receding in the rear-view mirror, and normal politics – that’s to say, two-party Tory-Labour politics – would have resumed.
Instead, Mrs May in particular but also Parliament in general chose to double-down on the estrangement from the masses revealed by the referendum, and spent the next three years demonstrating that, whatever the Prime Minister had in mind when she first declared “Brexit means Brexit”, it obviously doesn’t mean leaving the European Union. Either through malice or stupidity or condescension, the political class opted to widen its breach with the people – and Nigel Farage, who is a very canny fellow, decided six weeks ago to create a party to fill the gap in a European election the UK shouldn’t have had to participate in.

I have said for a few years that the current progressive cycle of humanity is changing. It came in with liberals weaponizing the passions of youth during the Boomer peak hippie period and it is ending as their music is now golden oldies played in retirement homes. The progressive move to make wokeness mandatory will end. It cannot continue. Even the left’s cannon fodder are waking up.

My fear, and why I’m scared, is that the left in power only despises certain hate speech. It depends for them on who’s delivering it. If it’s one of theirs calling people “scum” or “human stains” that’s all perfectly acceptable. They can’t see the hypocrisy. …
I am far from alone on this issue and, like a decent-sized chunk of New Zealanders, have spent my life leaning predominantly to the political left. We are scared. I advise the Government to think about their next move on the fundamentals of free speech very, very carefully.

Rachel Stewart, Via Kiwiblog.

Ms Stewart has spent most of her life pushing the cult of nice. She’s been writing editorials for liberal newspapers (there are no conservative mainstream media in NZ) for a decade. She’s been part of the left. She is seeing them eating their own. If you lose people like Ms Stewart, you have lost the cities, and Labour and the progressives already clearly despise rural New Zealand — assuming that they will always vote Tory.

But the Tories in England lost their heartland to Brexit. The people can always elect a new elite. My bet is that elite will be nationalist, patriotic, and have a sense of noblisse oblige that the current technocratic bunch damn as paternalism.

But the Truth is like a bad penny – it just keeps showing up. Calling this thing “the right” is a misnomer; that’s just the most recent label for it, a historical accident which resulted from the Democrats making a deal-with-the-devil, and selling their souls to the Clintons back in the 90s. It could have just as easily been the Republicans who sold their souls. Even as things stand, the Bushes are hardly bastions of virtue.
The New Sound has always been about the same thing: speaking the Truth, when everybody else lies. Explaining the Truth, so that individuals can implement it in their own lives. Celebrating the Truth, because the Truth shall set you free. The Psychopaths keep stealing the truth, and dumbing it down, and selling the High Fructose Corn Syrup version for mass consumption; this winds up ruining the brand name, but it does nothing to stop Logos.

Alternatives to the current crop of social media are developing, which promise to be less wrath-inducing than the socially-engineered Hate Boxes that are Facebook and Twitter (click here to follow my updates on Telegram), and in several places, the Geeks are re-orienting and reaching out to one-another – I myself have had two fellow-travelers from far off lands reach out to me, and we found that we spoke the same tongue.3
The New New Sound is a step beyond the polarizing, revolutionary politics of left-versus-right; it’s no longer interested in Capitalism vs Socialism (new boss looks a lot like the old boss); it’s back to establishing a theoretical basis for civilization that allows man to love woman, woman to love man, and for both to come together to raise a new generation who will have a fighting chance in this world.
In other words, Logos Rising has abandoned partisan politics, to return to speaking the Truth.

Stares at the world.

It is, however, going to be messy. People love a nation, truth and beauty. They only love abstractions such as the United Nations or Union of States in fiction. And leve will win. Regardless of the cost.

The latte-set living in the London bubble would read the quoted article and see absolutely no problem with it at all. Which is the entire problem in a nutshell.
I have a feeling that some people are going to be in for a rude shock. Speaking for myself, a British national living in the Netherlands whose life will be slightly inconvenienced should Britain finally leave the EU, all I can say is bring it on, guv. The last thing I will ever do is put my personal circumstances before that of my nation.

Adam Piggott.

Do not listen to the useful idiots of an elect that have lost their people. The people are choosing otherwise. Do not be them. Do not be like them.

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2 years ago

Hi Chris!

I think a first good step would be for us to all stop thinking of them as our “rulers”. They are public servants and are not reminded of that often enough because we are too lazy to remind them. They also need to be reminded that they are beholden to their constituents – those persons whom they were elected to represent. All too often our so-called “leaders” do not have our interests in mind, and indeed those interests may work against us (i.e., the notion of open borders).

These elected officials end up causing us problems and costing us billions we cannot afford; to echo a great quote I read earlier on PJ Media, they count on the “absolving power of good intentions.” Except this sceptic no longer believes they have any good intention; and we all know what road they pave anyway. OK, done ranting. Plus – belated congratulations on your marriage 🙂