The woke inquisition

Louisa Wall is a self identified minority person who was parachuted into Manurewa, a very safe Labour seat. She’s not done much about the poverty there — if anything, it has got worse. But she virtue signals. Since we can currently question her, she wants all social media and all official presses to be censored, so they meet her standard of woke.

Kia Ora. The Media and those that transmit their political content and other political content generated for these public mediums, are defined as The Fourth Estate or fourth power that refers to the press and news media both in explicit capacity of advocacy and implicit ability to frame political issues. It is time that it was formally recognized as part of a political system, as it wields significant indirect social influence.
This would impose a Duty of Care on The Media – a formalisation of the social contract, the implicit responsibilities requiring adherence to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseeably harm others.
The Media have a responsibility to do no harm. Kia Kaha PM Jacinda Ardernfor the meeting on May 15 – two months after the Christchurch terror attacks which claimed the lives of 50 people – which aims to see world leaders and tech company bosses agree to the “Christchurch call” – a pledge to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.

Louisa Wall, facebook.

This happened as Facebook is attempting to shut down dissent. This is not apparantly enough for the writes of Slate, who, noting that this has removed a large amount of income for Milo and Alex Jones, argue that Facebook did not go far enough.

I emailed Facebook to ask specifically which rules were violated, what the process was for reviewing the rules, and if this means more accounts, presumably of lesser-known users, would be banned for engaging in hateful rhetoric soon, too. I have yet to hear back. But unless this move is part of an overall cleanup effort in which the company includes its rationale for taking action and promises to do so consistently into the future, don’t expect Facebook to become free of bigotry anytime soon. Removing hate will always be a game of whack-a-mole. It’s good to ban high-profile bigots. It’s also critically important to explain in clear terms what policy was violated, how many violations were tabulated, and what they did to violate the policy—either shared with the account holder or with the public. Simply saying the company “always” does this isn’t sensical or sufficient.

April Glasser, Slate.

April is sort of correct. Facebook is banning people left and right, groups left and right. This has consequences: you get much more interesting conversations on Gab, and SocialGalactic is being developed. We used to print newsletters or use email or messaging before social media: we still have the skills. If you cannot talk about what interests you — in my case science fiction and comics with plots — without Facebook’s political officers regulating everything, then the signal will leave, and Facebook will become like the NZ Herald. Mere Noise, heading for bankruptcy.

The same thing will happen politically. The wiser people on the left know this: the weapons they use to regulate the right will be used against them when (inevitably) the current opposition gains power. The woke inquisition, however, are young, ignorant, and treading where angels dare not go. Their model is the Jacobins. But they forget that purity spiral ended in the White Terror, and the very tools they used to execute the French Aristos were used on them.

In the meantime, find simple tools that work. Avoid, as much as possible, the inherent creepiness of big tech, big social media, and their data mining. For they miss, in their forced consensus and curated garden, the very warnings that this political time will end, and another will arise. The next turning will not be woke, of the left. It will be a rebellion against those useful idiots of our ruling elite.