Truth is hate.

It appears that one of the pioneers in gender identity disorder, and one of the people who wrote the criteria (American Version) has been deplatformed by twitter. Clinical experience and a lifetime of research be damned, he should not have summarized his work on their platform. I’ve been off twitter now for six months. Makes not a bit of difference: I can still screenshoot what I need for discussions and I can get work done. Twitter is not life.

It is far less of life. Family, instead is life. So Shot: O think this lady has one set of twins and five others with one on the way. This is what demographic pushback looks like. And this is why motherhood is a full time job.

Via Pushing River Downhill.

But back to our friendly family photo. The other reason that this sort of image infuriates the left is because women nowadays are supposed to have careers, not families. This attitude ties in with the demographic replacement argument because it greatly helps to speed up the replacement process if the native population are too busy slaving for the man rather than having lots of lovely children.
But I am not writing this article for those on the two extreme sides of the debate. The audience for this piece are women in the middle; women who genuinely believe that they can have it all, a career and some passing resemblance for a family. 80 years ago this photo would have been celebrated while the idea that women should have careers would have been attacked. Today the opposite is the case; this photo is attacked while women pursuing careers are celebrated.
This is because there does not exist anywhere in nature what is called a happy medium. You cannot simultaneously believe that the sky is blue and green; it is one or the other. Likewise with the earth is round or flat, and so on. If we celebrate women having careers then by definition we must attack women who focus on having large families because you cannot have both and thus you cannot celebrate both. Ironically this women does have a career, the career of genuine motherhood, but that is not what is meant by career these days.

Adam Piggott, Pushing Rubber Downhill.

And Chaser. Sadly the feminists have useful idiots, usually called the woke this year.

At all times, feminist leaders have been angry, alienated women whose goals were essentially destructive, inspired by selfish and vindictive motives.
Why are conservatives so often tempted to the error of using past feminism — which they wish us to remember as “good” feminism — to indict present-day feminism? In part, it’s because we have reached such a low point of societal decadence that everything in the past seems better in comparison with our current situation.

Stacey McCain

FInal quote. The move to the edges — and Ardern courts them assiduously, as does Trudeau, and most Democrat politicians — alienates those who care for families, and want fairness. The decent leftist (who advocates for the working class, warts and all) has had their party leave them. The working class have babies. Drive Holdens. Like League. They generally don’t like the things the woke like. The woke are done with them, and that is not making them inclusive. It is instead making people leave them.

We are blessed. Neither parents show any signs of anything approaching dementia. That is why, when the Mueller report dropped, Mom revealed to me what she had admitted to a yoga sister, “I think Trump just won reelection.”
The response from her left-wing stretch-exercise buddy is not suitable for citation in this context.
Now, and I think this is playing out for Democrats across the nation, Mom just doesn’t want to talk about it. She knows in her heart that her political party has gone off into some wilderness.  It is painful for her to process, so her mind engages elsewhere: the grandkids, the great-grandkids, and how she’s worried because Dad is losing weight, looks so old, and is moving very slow.
Mom is a Democrat, and she’s done.

Mark Eliis, P. J. Media.

The woke hide the inconvenient truths. They deem them hate speech. They must censor, deplatform, and make their lies mandatory. That has been tried before. It has never ended well.

Do not be them. Do not be like them.

UPDATE. Twitter had to retract its ban on the psychologist. His tweet stream is archived and available.

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Windy Wilson
Windy Wilson
2 years ago

If the pregnant woman in the photo with the seven children was the daycare provider, would there be any objection? After all, she is having the one child and “family planned” any others before, and is being paid for a career, so what is the problem?.

I can recall when my daughter was pregnant with her third — married, and young, she was severely shamed by the good and self righteous. Though that was Ontario, which is completely converged