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When I was young, living in a centrally planned conservative country, university places were hard to get and you got a small stipend to go there. You did not take loans: that came with the neoliberals. As did the use of the university (and now all education) as a vector for activism, not knowledge. In […]

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Before we get into today’s scrapbook, ladies and gentlemen, don’t marry violent. They are often called crazy, but the case in the link is clearly a woman who was abusive to her husband — and when he took the regulation steps to protect himself and their children she allegedly killed him. There are evil people […]


20 Jun 19

The elite never change. As they were in the days of Isaiah, so are they now. Blind, self centered, and using linear logic. What happened yesterday will happen tomorrow, only more so. They have no skin in the game. They have no plans for coping when the times are changing. 9 All you beasts of the […]