This is a semi regular update of where things are at. Firstly, and before discussing modifications, the current stats programs are wildly variant. For the last 30 days you get the following. Note that I did not install referrer spam until today, thus one of these things is not like the other. Visitors Page Views […]

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Myopic culture.

I find myself again talking about Folau, because it is interesting how over time the field is moving. The issue is not about Folau’s faith — or indeed if people are offended by this. It is about if an employer can stop someone tweeting. In Australia, Folau has more support than the media and activists. […]



Civil War is horrid, and the current woke believe that they will not see it, though they are trying to not leave any escapes for those who they consider the perpetrators of hatred, according to their theory. It will be horrid. Woodpile has predictions, and this is one of the more mild. I would add […]


28 June 19

This scripture needs to be read in context, for otherwise the people Paul is opposing are not clear. “They” were Judiazers, preaching that Christians should obey the Mosaic law and also that they should be circumcised, as the Jews were. Their method was to cast out those from the church or their fellowship who would […]