This is a semi regular update of where things are at. Firstly, and before discussing modifications, the current stats programs are wildly variant. For the last 30 days you get the following. Note that I did not install referrer spam until today, thus one of these things is not like the other.

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WordPress Stats34957431
Google stats7011402
  1. There are quite a few comments arriving that do get through Akismet and the stream that still look to be spam. They have been cleaned out.
  2. I have finally added a cache system. This should speed things up, a bit.
  3. I have adjusted the wp stats programme to delete referrer spam. This should lead to reliable statistics.
  4. I have added a section on the local church to bookmarks.
  5. Yes, this place is backed up.
  6. No, I’m not promoting here on social media. I am now off most of the major social media systems. So should you be.

This place is starting to stabilise down. So far I’ve tested it with multiple browsers and cellphones. The theme seems to work. Any suggestions (apart from using your service for SEO/optimisation: I don’t particularly like Google) can be made in the comments.

Tasks for the next couple of months include replacing my five year old desktop — and getting the photography website up and running. I am still looking very carefully at the Pinebook Pro, as the laptops I have are starting to break — not just power supplies and batteries (one is onto its third power supply and second battery) but screens and keyboards. I managed to munt my current phone (the dog chewed it) and though I am trying to keep it running as long as I can I may possibly acquire the pinephone or an /e/ refurbished phone… my current phone runs colorOS, and I expect Oppo and Huawei will break Android in the next little while.

The occaisional updates will continue.