Before we get into today’s scrapbook, ladies and gentlemen, don’t marry violent. They are often called crazy, but the case in the link is clearly a woman who was abusive to her husband — and when he took the regulation steps to protect himself and their children she allegedly killed him. There are evil people out there. Avoid them. That includes much of social media, who are not merely a vector for evil, but fail that test: they treat their employees as fungible assets: contracting it out does not make that much of a difference.

By last fall, Speagle told me, he was sleeping only an hour or two each night. The lack of sleep, coupled with depression, made it difficult for him to exercise. He began lashing out at his parents. Meanwhile, at work, he felt micromanaged by his team leaders, who pressured him to moderate more posts.
“I felt like I was trapped inside my own body,” he said. “I couldn’t, for the life of me, get up from my desk, or I would be yelled at to stay in my desk. So I was trapped at my desk and in my body. I was so scared.”
Cognizant periodically purges large numbers of staff members in what have come to be known as “red bag days” for the red bags that managers give to the newly fired to collect their belongings. Sometimes the dismissals are related to job performance, and sometimes employees aren’t given any explanation at all. Speagle was laid off as part of a red bag day last October.
In February, he went to a psychiatrist, who diagnosed him with PTSD. He is currently in treatment. Meanwhile, he has gone back to school to get his teaching certificate. Seeing so many children harmed on Facebook made him want to make a positive contribution to the lives of young people, he said.
“I really wanted to make a difference,” Speagle told me of his time working for Facebook. “I thought this would be the ultimate difference-making thing. Because it’s Facebook. But there’s no difference being made.”
I asked him what he thought needed to change.
“I think Facebook needs to shut down,” he said.

Casey Newton, The Verge.

Mr Arps is a convenient scapegoat. He shared a video of the Christchurch Mosque Massacre… which was then deemed objectionable and banned by the NZ censor. Possessing the video, reading the shooter’s manifesto, linking to the same is treated exactly the same way as kiddie porn. Arps was convicted under those laws. Because we don’t have hate speech laws. Yet.

The other aspect is in what context real freedom of speech was actually developed. Freedom of speech is an historical division between the Church and state that only exists in Western civilization. It ensured that the state could not subvert the Church and the teachings of Jesus Christ at their convenience. Furthermore it allowed the Church the possibility to freely criticize the ruling power of the day if it acted against fundamental Church teachings. Freedom of speech was never about individuals being able to say whatever they wanted. This was a falsity propagated by the left in order to freely subvert those same institutions.
Thus we arrive at the present situation where the brief ahistorical version of freedom of speech has reverted back towards its former meaning but without the balancing aspect of the Church. Now the state is all powerful and has no intrinsic limits on how it wields power against its subjects. Whatever is classified as hate speech by an ever hysterical and tyrannical left is now the ruling order and you as an individual stand against it at your own considerable peril. Individual liberty which our ancestors fought for generations to establish has blown away in the wind. For the left it was always only about power and their freedom to wield it against their enemies.
In the imprisonment of Arps we have the situation where a man has been punished by the state for offending followers of Islam, Christianity’s traditional adversary. That this is being carried out under a perverted twisting of freedom of speech is deeply ironic.

Adam, Pushing Rubber Downhill.

The response to this is interesting. The libertarians are being promoted: to be fair, they are standing up for free speech and have a private member’s bill in Parliament The Tories are bleeding votes to them and the New Conservatives, who stand up for free speech and against the libertarian cult of death and destruction (euthanasia and legal drugs). So they are being censored. Hard. (For non Kiwis, WhaleOil is a blog with very high traffic in NZ).

New Conservative has been at the forefront of the freedom of speech debate in New Zealand. Its deputy leader, Elliot Ikilei, has recently been the target of denial of service actions from social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for describing transgenderism as requiring “compassion and tolerance”,and for a clip showing an assault on families at a political rally by young men of a nearby township. Most New Zealanders are now becoming aware of the direct censorship of conservative speakers and those who are wanting to engage in robust debate.

We are in desperate need of men and women with the backbone to stand up to the imminent threat of ‘thought shaping’ that the current government and social media clearly promote.
“When a platform disallows someone to refer to scientific fact and verified occurrences, be aware that you are living in a state of growing tyranny where independent thought is actively discouraged. This has been happening in education for some years and New Conservative will not stand by and let the basic right of free speech and to be informed be snatched away from the men, women and children of New Zealand,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader.