Badthink Daybook.

The local media have decided that Christians are badthinkers — well at least those who consider that the response after the Christchurch massacre was idolatrous. As if Muslims do not take their prayers seriously, and we should not take what they are praying seriously. But then, our elite are spiritually blind.

The usual response to criticism of Islam is to call such criticism “racist” and “Islamophobic.” But, as the bien pensants have not yet figured out, Islam is not a race. It’s a religion. The title “Sauron comes to Middle England” is not meant to imply that Muslims are an evil people. It’s meant to imply that there is something wrong with their religion as well as with the British authorities who facilitate its spread.
I think Tolkien would have agreed. Although he was an avowed anti-racist, he did believe in evil, and he did not hesitate to condemn the evil ideologies of Nazis and communists. Unlike today’s academics, he would also have understood that Islam has been a perennial enemy of Christianity. Indeed, the battles and sieges he describes in his trilogy bear more resemblance to the warfare conducted by Crusaders and Saracens than to the battles fought in the two world wars.
Am I saying that The Lord of the Rings is an allegory about the civilizational struggle between Christianity and Islam? Absolutely not. Tolkien maintained that The Lord of the Rings was not an allegory about anything—not the First World War, nor the Second World War, nor the H-bomb. The struggle that mainly concerned Tolkien was the one “against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places”

William Kirkpatrick, Crisis Magazine.

I should hat tip Adam Piggott for the link. The elite, repeating myself, are spiritually blind and think that one must be nice and never criticize. Should we help our Islamic neighbour after an attack? Yes. They need help. Does this mean we approve of their religion. No. Islam is the antithesis of Christianity. The opposition to each other is 1300 years old. If Islam is correct, Christianity is a delusion. If Christianity is correct, Islam is a delusion. There is no Hegelian synthesis here. There is only the elite screeching and demonstrating evil, calling it virtue. (Note: I’m not talking about Muslims here, but the press and their pretty idiot actors).

From Gab. Useful thing, Gab.

Virtue signals are poison. James Delingpole, waxing poetic on an English spring as our antipodean autumn fades and the first snow happens, notes:

Scratch any greenie and what you’ll invariably find underneath is just another whiny, misanthropic, anti-capitalist Malthusian who sees the natural world less as a source of joy and wonder than as an excuse to remind humans what a terrible, destructive blight on the planet we all are.
This completely distorts their understanding of environmental issues. On the one hand, it causes them to sentimentalise the natural world as some kind of prelapsarian idyll which would flourish in perfect balance were it not for man’s malign intervention; on the other, it causes them to ignore the fact that man too is very much a part of the ecosystem and that his role within it is often at least as beneficial as it is detrimental.
Managed landscapes often do far better than those that are left to run wild. Studies have shown, for example, that there is greater biodiversity on estates patrolled by gamekeepers than on reserves run by the RSPB. Why? Well, it ought to be obvious. When you’ve got unsentimental humans going round bumping off the predators — be they crows or rats or whatever — your more vulnerable species are going to stand a much better chance than they would under a regime of greenies operating their squeamish ‘live and let live’ policy.
Not so long ago, everyone understood this — including children back in the days when biology classes had more to do with lazy afternoons looking for gall wasps and counting earthworms than they did with brainwashing about ‘global warming’. Now, outside the country, almost no one does.

James Delingpole, Spectator

Does this matter? Well, when the failures of the elite are destroying themselves, yes. When people who either are unwell, or are claiming to be unwell, ruin innocent hobbies, yes. (I would add that neither I nor my lads play Dungeons and Dragons or Table Top games because those who do so are a lot more weird that we can tolerate).

The new Gray Cat who has selected us.

Peter Grant, who has written one of the few decent recent western series, has an update on book progress: he’s been unwell, but now his health is better is back writing. One of our friends has got her second book off to the minions who format it for Kindle and such. It’s aimed at women. I’ve read an early draft and it was more than good: it is needed.

What if the Christian women rose up and stopped trying to act like one another, and started trying to act like Christ?
What if the daughters of the King decided to use the talents, abilities, and gifts that He’d given them as individuals instead of coveting each others’ stuff?
What if … what if we all used the tools we were given because we finally dealt with the WHY?

Amy, Heathrose Ramblings.

Amy’s on a roll at present. She is talking about what we need to do, and the roles we have. The quiet roles. The unacknowledged roles. Motherhood, for instance, is a full time job, and only an inhumane society denies it. Caring for the frail, similarly, is a full time job. And few honour the journeyman who comes home with bruised hands, a sore back, and returns to his disliked job the following day… so that his children are fed and his wife can care for them.

We forget two things. We forget that everyone is called to her own task, and we forget that we are aiming at the eternal, not the temporal. Individuals will always be more important than societies. Individuals.
You have work to do. Are you doing it? Are you influencing the people around you for Christ? Are you a light in their lives? Every one of us has a circle of friends, relatives, and acquaintances to whom they represent “Christianity”. The West has enough bad representations of Christ, it behooves us to take our daily actions and words seriously.
You have work to do. Maybe you’re a mom. You’ll be called to account for how you raised those kids. That’s work, it is. Maybe you’re caring for your elders. That’s work, and God takes it seriously. Our modern world devalues both of those tasks, shoves them to the side. But we, Christian sisters, don’t use the valuations of this world.
You have work to do in the Church. You were given gifts and talents. Are you using them for your family in Christ? If you have counsel, do you have a soft shoulder? If you have service, do people know who to call? If you have hospitality, do you have an open door? Are you actively using your gifts and talents for God?
Your commitment is to God. Are you doing what He called you to do, with the tools He gave you?
It’s too easy to become worldlings in this – to work in the cause (or causes) that are most guilt-inducing. It’s easy to become a worldling as you try to recruit laborers for the work you’ve truly been called to. There’s not a ministry anywhere that doesn’t need more help! But that’s the world’s way of thinking, way of being. Individuals aren’t fungible. Every single one of us has jobs to do. Multiple jobs, and those multiple jobs change as the seasons in our life change. As we change.

Amy, Hearthrose Ramblings.

Bruce Charlton adds.

The demonic thumb of this type is what has been pressing-down on all forms of social organisation, as well as upon individual modern Men, with increasing strength for the past two centuries. Such demons have affected all forms and types of organisation – including the Christian churches – so that our world experience is nowadays of encroaching and tightening bureaucracy.

Bureaucracy is evil intrinsically, and it tends towards greater bureaucracy and greater evil. It is – I suggest – the primary weapon of the main type of demons that are both the most influential, and simultaneously the least detected and opposed, in these modern times.

The demonic thumb is mostly experienced as the pressure of bureaucratic, System-atic, humanity-denying organisation; and until this is known as evil we will remain helpless to resist the Leftward tidal drift; even if we are (currently) Christians. 

Bruce Charlton.

One of the drivers of people to religion compared with the blind conformity of agnositicism is an instinct that there is something inherently wrong with how society is. (Note that the current bureaucracy is an elite project that would micromanage everything beyond the wildest dreams of the East German Communists). The spiritually blind see no difference between Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and other anitmisms… but those who are spiritually aware do.

Such know they are different. And, since this is not accepted by the bureaucracy, only the fervently religious remain. Because faith is now badthink.

But we are called not to be like them.

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