Matt Briggs noted a similar phenomenon yesterday: the use of different words. Reproductive Health is not well womens checks and ensuring that childbirth is safe: it is terminations of pregnancies. The Mental Health thing is being overused — when a teenager was allowed to starve herself to death because of mental health when she’s, sadly, not coping with trauma inflicted on herself by another — then the corruption of our language is corrupting society.

Restrictive laws also could jeopardize women’s physical and mental health. Safer medication-induced abortions would be more difficult to access. Delaying abortions beyond the first trimester significantly increases health risks. Worse still, women might turn to clandestine abortions without expert medical oversight. Emotional trauma is just as real, as women are forced to choose between an unsafe abortion or carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term. Individually and in the aggregate, laws marginalize abortion from routine medical care and affect women’s health and emotional well-being.
While women’s dignity and safety are prominent concerns, important values of equity and justice are at stake in the challenge to Roe v Wade. Irrespective of a state’s legal environment, women with means will still be able to travel and pay for safe abortion services. The effects of additional restrictions will mostly involve already disadvantaged and underserved individuals, including women of color and women with lower incomes, less education, or rural residence. Current health, social, and economic inequities will be exacerbated. In the future, women’s ability to access reproductive health services may hinge on where they live and whether they have resources.

Reingold RB, Gostin LO. State Abortion Restrictions and the New Supreme Court: Women’s Access to Reproductive Health Services. JAMA. Published online June 05, 2019. doi:10.1001/jama.2019.8437

This is doublespeak. Abortion is not a core part of women’s health: in many countries doctors can opt out of performing such because of their religious or ethical beliefs. That does not happen with core parts of the curriculum. It is part of the general decline, where the rules of society are ignored for virtue points, placing anyone weaker at risk — Stacey is reporting something that looks to me like a carjacking. The woke are ignoring all the warning signs, and trying to sack anyone who even quotes badthink to oppose it. Pray for any blogger, for often you look at things you disagree with and quote fairly so the reader does not have to.

In the meantime, there is a declaration that we shall not ever have another world war. This is hubris, and Adam calls it correctly: be where the crowds are not.

Well, it’s a curious constant of human history that whenever grandiose gestures such as this are undertaken with no practical adherence whatsoever and in the context of a somewhat remarkable reality bubble, that you can almost smell trouble brewing right around the corner. And I’m not talking little trouble either.
Gird your loins, friends. Gird your loins.

Adam Piggott.

The pushback is coming. The equity laws can and will be gamed. The number of people who think war is coming increases as the amount of violence increases. I’d rather work for peace.

I do not many carbs, and if I have my usual dinned (meat and salad of some type) my glucose decreases. I think the simpler your diet measurement, the better. Mark Sisson commenting on why he does not bother with net carbohydrate count or counting the carbohydrates in salad. Keep it as simple as possible.

For all intents and purposes, foods like spinach, chard, broccoli, and others do not impact ketosis one way or the other. The vast majority of them are so low in carbs that you burn more glucose digesting them than you’re able to extract from them. I’d rather your average 62-year-old retiree who’s trying to get healthier and lose the extra 30 pounds so he can take retirement by the horns not have to weigh and measure his romaine lettuce and spinach. I don’t even want him to have to think about his romaine lettuce. Just eat the stuff!
I’m sure there are extra-sensitive people out there for whom a spinach salad does impair ketosis, but I’m creating general guidelines that work for the largest number of people. Most people can eat one and remain ketotic.

Mark’s Daily Apple.

I find that if I eat at around 11 am I can manage intermittent fasting and not hit my weaknesses (chocolate and potatoes). But then, I need… fat and protein.

I have a lot of blogs on my follow feed, this was linked to, and I have some issues. The secular culture is effete. If we have a culture that is not effete — gendered, governed by the Spirit and glorious — it will attract people to the faith. If we try to be as the world, we will be seen as yet another group of live action role players. And in that there is no power.

When a society buys into a given interpretation of the world, it legitimizes that interpretation, and it does so at the deepest gut level, despite what your own thinking may otherwise tell you. Consider Europe in the middle ages, for example. Nearly everyone held a Christian worldview. The church played a role in every part of life and every level of society, including the economic, social, intellectual, and cultural lives of all Europeans. The prevalence of the Christian worldview in culture reinforced its rationality. If the medieval church didn’t do a good job of explaining to people why they should believe Christianity is true, it wasn’t as critical for justifying their beliefs—those beliefs were already legitimized by culture.
Today, however, it’s secularism that is legitimized by culture. Belief in the supernatural—that anything beyond the natural world exists—can no longer lean on society’s acceptance for its plausibility. Culture now shapes our kids’ gut-level reaction to God in a negative way.
It’s up to the church and parents to offer an even stronger response.

Natasha Crane

Our current culture is promotes anomie, despair, and disgust. We need to preach Christ crucified. Apologetics included. For their will either be revival, or civilization in the West will no longer exist. Many are working for the latter.

But we should not be like them.