There are, within New Zealand, a fair number of people who are quiet, generally reserved, and will help out. Then there are the self righteous woke. Who will judge by first impressions. Most Kiwis would be alongside Dave here: these people are annoying.

Wow I’m wild at the arrogance of some people. A cyclist just abused a guy on our land who was felling a macrocarpa tree for us. He didn’t just yell out abuse, but actually stopped his bike and started climbing the fence to come on our land, while yelling at our tree feller that he should be leaving the tree alone. He finally took off when our guy took out his phone to call for assistance.
The arrogance of this sanctimonious idiot is bad enough by itself – self appointing himself as the arbiter of what we should be doing with out trees or on our land.
But wouldn’t he feel stupid (if he can feel anything at all beyond his sanctimony) to know we were felling the tree on the advice of the Regional Council who were concerned it would soon come down. I guess he thinks it is better to have Gaia bring the tree down on someone cycling by.
Also if he had looked closely at the paddock it was in, he would notice the purple dye showing it had been sprayed, which is preparation for us planting around 3,500 native trees this winter around the the stream and waterways.
I just wish I was there when this happened, so I could have got a photo of Mr Arrogance to share with everyone.

David Farrar, Facebook.

Speaking of the sanctimonious, a commentator at Adam’s place has a good retort.

Once in a while I’ll meet a churchian-type of person, usually of the Boomer generation, who will strike up a conversation with me. Eventually they will inquire about my wife’s profession. I simply reply, “She doesn’t work. She’s just a housewife.” Then they will feign shock, and attempt to shame me for one thing or another. I just reply to them, “My wife is pretty happy being a stay-at-home wife, and I’m okay with that too!” This immediately shuts them up, and they quickly excuse themselves from the conversation.

Jack, Pushing Rubber Downhill.

Repeat after me: Raising children and keeping house is a full time job. If you want a tidy, peaceful home, with nutritious meals and harmony, it takes the full effort of an adult. If you both work, you either have to pay someone to do this, do it yourself as a second job — which means you won’t do either job well — or live with mess, stress, fast food and conflict. It is better to live somewhere cheap and have what the “rick pricks” have — a full time person at home.

Onto other things. Harvard Square looks like it will become a mall — because the multinationals have bought the buildings and can’t get the rents they want from the current tenants. If it was NZ or Australia, I’d say that is the peak of a market bubble and the downslide is starting — which is currently happening in Auckland. Part of that is that rural and provincial property prices are rising as those who did cash out buy something more affordable in a more livable town.

For the new people in the South, the cold we have now is not full winter. A full winter means black ice and snow to sea level. We have not needed a fire all day yet. But the autumn was intially cool but prolonged, and the weather is weird. The solar watchers say we are Solar Minimum or close to it. I know that the Northern Hemisphere is had a cool and late spring. Watch this space. In particular, watch the growing season length: that directly affects grain prices, and grain prices affect people who rely on subsidized meal or bread. When the bread prices go up, they will riot.

Collateral Damage.

At this point, people need distractions. Not us: we are too busy watching gardening videos. But the average person has to be distracted by big drama or a narrative. No dissension allowed. Which is why I’m not shocked that Youtube (part of Alphabet) is demonetizing those that they don’t like. It will drive traffic to Unauthorized and other places.

If you are using any platform owned by anyone but yourself, it can and will be taken from you. And if you self host, back up your blog.

Finally, in these times, be where the crowds are not.