I have sympathy for Californians. Not all of them are woke. Not all are leftists. Many are trying to help their communities — and they cannot escape, because their job holds them there, or their family. Those who can leave have gone. The new imports have turned LA in a third world metropolis — to be avoided (hint: Air NZ flies to Vancouver, which means you can avoid the TSA). The old california of the dreams is now two generations dead.

I was driving my youngest daughter (born in 2002) to her summer internship and told her to look up “California Dreamin’” on her Spotify. Why was that song in my mind? Probably some headline I’d read about California’s recent descent into Third World chaos. It’s a forlorn bit of nostalgia to recall what California signified in the 1960s, before Democrats turned it into a socialist nightmare of typhus infections, homeless encampments and heroin needles.

Stacey McCain.

Statewide, California’s problems aren’t limited to trash dumpers, the homeless, rat infestations, and infectious disease… as if that weren’t already too much Third World fun in the once-Golden State. Stories about San Francisco’s Human Poop Hurdle Olympics are now de rigueur, and you’d better watch where you stick the landing or a used syringe might stick you.
Elsewhere, rolling blackouts are about to become not only normal, but celebrated.
The editors of the Los Angeles Times opined last week that in order “to prevent wildfires, California may need to endure power blackouts.”


This is an engineered third world. Driven by the woke, a sense that one must be green, righteous, and the good is the enemy of the perfect. This was generated by California, but that state is no model. It is a warning. If not there, consider Australia.

Pinning your power hopes on the weather requires more than just a leap of faith, it requires candles, torches and a sturdy backup generator. The hapless denizens of South Australia (Australia’s wind and solar capital) are now world-renowned for their (enforced) self-reliance and stoicism.
In wind and solar obsessed Australia, couple a spike in demand (a heatwave, say) with calm weather and/or sunset and the grid manager scrambles to keep the whole show afloat. Power punters simply struggle along, freezing or boiling in the dark.
South Australians have suffered Australia’s only statewide blackout and dozens of mass load shedding events. Its grid is on the very brink of collapse.
But it’s not unique to SA. Any place attempting to run on sunshine and breezes is struggling to prevent its electricity generation and distribution system from imploding.
It’s to be remembered that it wasn’t engineers who were demanding windmills and solar panels; that came from witless politicians chasing votes from climate obsessed, inner-city greens.

Stop these things.

There has been a debate about MGTOW. Much of it has been on video and podcasts, and I don’t watch videos and podcasts. To summarize both arguments: Men going their own way (MGTOW) say that getting married is too risky. You will lose your house, kids, sanity. US family courts can and will bankrupt you. There is a very high chance, even if you date, you will be shamed and there will be complaints to the enforcers of female virtue — the domestic violence industry and human resources. Best to live apart from women. Alternatively, people say one should man up and marry — for as Shakespeare said “The world must be peopled”. I would add that it is better to marry than burn with repressed desire — that curdles. too frequently, to hatred. Which brings me to a fellow survivor of the divorce courts.

You don’t win by not playing the game. You lose. It’s the cowards’ way out. And Vox generalizes against MGTOWs because it’s a colony of incels. I have scant respect for a man who gets knocked down and then cries about it, but I have total contempt for those who never get on the playing field in the first place whilst simultaneously crying about how hard done by they are because it’s all stacked against them. The fact that Vox has taken so much flak is because he is right over a very fertile target.
Real men get on with it. Does one get over these events? No. So we collect scars that will hurt at the most unexpected moments. But we tell no one and carry on regardless.

Adam, Spawny’s Space.

Finally, some people need to harden up. Yes, there are bad people and they do bad things. Yes, that leaves scars. But you have to still do your duty. Particularly if you want to practice a profession.

The University of Otago has apologised after asking its law students an exam question about the ethics of representing a terrorist.
The question led some students to break down and cry during the exam last week after it brought back painful memories of the Christchurch mosque attacks on March 15 in which 51 people were killed.
One of those sitting the exam had a cousin killed in the attacks, a student told the New Zealand Herald.
The question asked whether lawyers should be obliged to represent someone who attacked their place of religion, the Herald understands.
The dean of the university’s Faculty of Law, Professor Jessica Palmer, apologised to students in an email the next day.
The Legal Ethics exam included “a hypothetical scenario that had strong similarities to the recent Christchurch tragedy”, she said.
“While we endeavour to include real-world scenarios in our courses and examinations, given these recent events Question 41 was clearly inappropriate.
“I acknowledge that some of you will have been upset by the question and that this may have also led to added anxiety during the examination.”
Palmer said students “feeling ongoing distress” or who thought their exam performance was affected by the question should contact her to discuss it further.

Otago Daily Times.

Perhaps they should have asked if they would represent those who distributed terrorist videos instead. You should not trust such to write regulations around power companies. They have no tolerance of reality. But reality does not tolerate their feelings. Do not be like them.


Adam returned to the issue of those who tell young men just to give up. I don’t: I have three sons and stepsons. The counsel of despair is out there, and they have seen this. Two of them lived through my divorce. But it is our role in this life to suffer. And keep on going.

I get it that men are hurting. But we are made to hurt, and suffer, and still carry on. The 23rd trait of the modern man – the modern man gets on with it.
What I cannot stand is the attempt at poisoning the well for younger men just starting out. Unlike the bitter post-wall women who do it in order to share their misery, I have no doubt that men do it with good intentions but the effect is the same. Yes it is important to educate and warn men of the dangers in dealing with modern women, but this needs to be done with the objective of making men more prudent and discerning both in their own behavior and in their selection of women for marriage, not so as to turn them off women for life.
My attitude is always one of hope rather than despair. And that is how my writings and recordings will continue on the matter.

Adam, Pushing Rubber Downhill.

I’d add that the written word causes less emotion than podcasts or videos. Blogs for Dialectic: Video for Rhetoric. And stay frosty, it’s cold outside.