I dislike e scooters. E bikes are cool, but e scooters, are fast, scary, and unstable. There have been a number of significant injuries. However, there is now a death: the first fatal accident in New Zealand has happened. Sympathies to the grieving family. In the meantime, Israel Folau has begun to find non converged means of funding his employment dispute. This is annoying many people. They may disagree with Folau (I don’t: we will all go to hell unless we repent) but the idea that employers can regulate speech and the woke vilify your wife is really irritating.

Folau’s team also revealed his website had been targeted by a “sustained cyberattack”, and said there had been a deliberate attempt to vilify his wife, netballer Maria Folau, for supporting him.
“While Israel does not intend to respond in detail at this time regarding the accusations thrown at him or his family, he wants it known that these attacks have hardened his resolve,” the statement said.
“Thankfully, several organisations have already expressed interest in supporting Israel’s efforts to raise money for his ongoing legal case.”
Earlier today, one of Folau’s chief supporters — Australian Christian Lobby managing director Martyn Iles — said people were “actively working on a solution” after GoFundMe’s decision.
The crowdfunding site pulled Folau’s fundraising page and is issuing refunds to all his donors, saying the campaign breached its terms of service.
“Today we will be closing Israel Folau’s campaign and issuing full refunds to all donors. After a routine period of evaluation, we have concluded that this campaign violates our terms of service,” GoFundMe’s Australia regional manager Nicola Britton said.

This is not going well for GoFundMe. It has won a gold plated award no sane person wants. Folau has moved on, demonstrating that there is no need for GoFundMe. You can build your own funding and your own platform.

A fresh fundraising effort for Israel Folau has already amassed almost $A450,000 in donations, just hours after it was launched by the Australian Christian Lobby. The organisation relaunched a campaign for the former Wallabies star on their website after Folau’s successful GoFundMe page was shut down on Monday. By 10am on Tuesday (local time), nearly $A440,000 ($NZ460,000) had been donated via the link on the ACL site – with the group also promising to tip in $100,000 of their own money.

Otago Daily Times.

Which is doing better than the original: in one day Folau has a million dollars (Kiwi) in his legal war chest. This is not going to end well for them, but Go Fund Me does not understand that people will choose what to support, and that may not be what the woke levelers want us to do.

Equality is a disease of the mind, a terrible consuming sin. It is a leveler. Which sounds to the deluded a good thing. But the leveler flattens all peaks, all achievements, all good. It turns everything into a banality or worse. Equality is like throwing your Sunday dinner into a blender and whirring it into mush.

Matt Briggs.

If we lose our ability to speak freely — which is what Human Resources want — then we will have to choose if we should work for large institutions. The woke would destroy everything. But they call beige beautiful. Do not be them. Do not be like them