Civil War is horrid, and the current woke believe that they will not see it, though they are trying to not leave any escapes for those who they consider the perpetrators of hatred, according to their theory. It will be horrid. Woodpile has predictions, and this is one of the more mild. I would add the normal way the military deals with this is by putting a wall up around the base and keeping the families within, and civil contractors without. That also will happen. Along with safe villages/concentration camps and free fire zones. The correct model is not Vietnam or Afghanistan: it is the Boer war or Yugoslavia.

And the US is being moved to instability.

If you like metro areas I’m sorry, but there are exactly none of them that are reasonably safe to remain in and by the time everyone figures it out the value of your property will be zip, so either act now or write off whatever that alleged value is from your personal balance sheet.
I’m not even looking, in this essay, at the externalities that appear to be headed our way whether we like it or not.  Like, for example, the above-mentioned fact that half the nation hates the other half.  That may sound like hyperbole but only by a bit; it’s closer to truth than fiction by far.  The left is making a concerted attempt through means both fair and foul to insure that no “Red” federal candidate can win in aggregate ever again.  Demographics are destiny and the illegal immigration + pooping out children who you promise to give $30,000 a year forever of someone else’s money is a pretty damned good way to buy votes.
So why do I list 2024?  Because it’s an endpoint.  That, however, means complacency, that is, the belief that you have until 2024 is extraordinarily unwise.  Indeed, I’d put forward that you would be very wise to execute on whatever you need to in order to be better situated this year, because as with all such fiscal events exactly when the market figures out that the government will not do the right thing is impossible to determine in advance — and when they do all the bad stuff starts right then.
I’ll just leave you with this to ponder on the “bad” side, in terms of exactly how bad it could get: What happens if the Red areas of the nation decide, even in small percentages, say, 10% of them, which is roughly 10 million adults, that they’ll never be able to again win federal office control by voting?

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New Zealand is sheltered by (a) having a big moat around it (b) historically a gentler form of politics because everyone knows everyone else. The later is changing: the woke are here and getting climate emergencies declared and outing bad thinkers. They seek to think that there will be no payback. There will be.

The people the military shoots at tonight will go to work tomorrow morning to repair the military’s equipment, make their MREs and ammunition, transport their fuel and so on. The people the military shot at will sugar their gas, crap in their MRE pouchs, leave the jesus nut loose on their helicopters, double charge their 5.56, put short fuses in their grenades. The military wives will be getting spit on in the grocery store, their children will be getting beaten up on the playground.

Woodpile Report.

The situation around free speech is becoming, in the antipodes, toxic. Israel Folau’s wife, Maria, is now being dragged in. She plays Netball — for the non commonwealth people, think Basketball with no baseboard. She’s very, very good. Unlike her husband, she plays for NZ. She has supported her husband. She is being bullied, as Gillian Triggs notes. Time to walk away from some sponsors. The only way to vote is with your wallet.

Netball sponsors including ANZ, HCF and Mazda reportedly told Netball Australia they were unhappy with Maria’s decision on Friday to re-post a link to her husband’s now defunct GoFundMe page.
“Mazda does not support discrimination of any kind and we trust that Netball South Australia will manage this in the most inclusive and supportive way possible,” A spokesman for Mazda said in a statement to Netball Australia.
HCF told Netball Australia there was an urgent need for “a strong, clear and well-enforced social media policy and education among its players and staff”.
“We appreciate the complex­ities of the Folau matter and acknowledge that views do differ in the community, however, we do not support Maria Folau’s stance on this matter,” an HCF spokesman said.
“There is no place in our society for discrimination of any kind, including on the basis of gender, religious belief, age, race or sexual orientation.”
Professor Triggs said that it showed “a growing voice” of bullying of women in public roles.
“Once a woman is in any kind of public role there is a tendency to take her down. Whether she is a sporting person or a political person, there is a growing voice bullying those women, hoping they will be denigrated,” she said.

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My beloved is incandescently angry, here and she is not the only one. There will be shifts in people’s banking — particularly those who don’t have a fixed term mortgage. Get woke, Go broke.

The question now is how to we defend ourselves from the woke. Having a religion seems to help here — you don’t get ambitious parents from hell generally trying to get their kids into Orthodox Shuls, Pentecostal High Schools, and Islamic academies. They want the old, mainstream, high status schools. Where faith is no longer deemed to be important. (Though I know some chaplains, and they are not, in NZ, girls with co exist stickers. They are older blokes with pastoral skills).

While most of the top schools have retained a nominal connection to their original faiths, these creeds need not trouble any families who do not share them. Today, it is mostly the second-rate institutions (the Catholic schools, of course; Jewish day schools) that still expect religious observance.
While the chaplain of an Episcopal school was once a formidable figure on campus, a man with a great deal of moral authority over the parents, that has changed. Now, if the school still has an Episcopal priest on staff, the poor gal is stashed in a windowless office with a coexist bumper sticker on her laptop case, and a list of phone numbers of local imams willing to speak at chapel services. Indeed, the extent to which an independent school still hews to its religious roots is often the extent to which it is hampered in its ability to deal with monstrous parents. Sidwell Friends, like most Quaker schools, has been able to retain many of its faith traditions despite welcoming a diverse student body; it’s the least oppressive religion on Earth. But the silent search for the inner spark of God is not much help when rabid parents are underfoot. Quakers are pacifists, for God’s sake. Conscientious objectors. If they weren’t going to take on Adolf Hitler, they sure as hell aren’t going to take on a Kalorama mom with blood in her eyes and Duke on her mind.
The elite schools have exchanged religion for a shared code of social justice, multiculturalism, and global citizenship. These are high-minded ideals, and certainly preferable to a strictly Christian code inflexibly forced upon nonbelievers in search of only a fine education and not religious intolerance. But they are ideals that hamper senior administrators from putting dreadful parents in their place. The real god of these schools is the god of money: cash on the barrelhead, or—if need be—a healthy pledge from Grandpa’s eventual estate.

Caitlan Flannigan, The Atlantic

Trouble is being a bully no longer works. Do not be them. Do not be like them.