Social Media, particularly big social media, are the slightly less retarded version of mainstream media. They are less degenerate and less stupid because the crowd is generally less woke and more intelligent than journalism graduates. But its time is numbered. Z man has this correct: and I can remember nz.politics and alt.sysadmin.recovery. Besides, big tech has to make money, which is why I think Google is “refining” ad blocking extensions to Chrome.

The solution to the problem was the oldest of solutions. Peaceful separation allowed everyone to have a forum, but it reduced the incentives for the disruptive. Going into the forum of a rival group, for example, and posting a bunch of troll-bait, did not provide the same dopamine rush to the troll as it did on a public forum. There was no one around to see it and cheer it. It was like being a graffiti artist in a blind community. These trolling efforts were quietly removed and the community could easily ignore them.
That is what will happen with the big social media hubs. Twitter is the first that will splinter into a million separate channels, as it is the most public. Gab has weathered the assaults and now provides a home for dissidents. Telegram is now becoming the favorite tool for young people creating small communities. Others are working on alternatives for other tribes, looking for a place on-line both free of censorship and the sorts of people who just seek to disrupt. This is a repeat of the message board phenomenon.
YouTube and Facebook are a bit different. Facebook already has the ability to let users self-segregate within the forum. That solves the trolling a bit, but the company is run by the sorts of people who liked being moderators on chat boards in the old days. They can’t help but meddle in the discourse of others, even those in private groups on the platform. Given the demographics of the platform, it will probably collapse at some point as people realize its user base is old people, robots and gullible advertisers.
YouTube is the one to watch. As server capacity outstrips demand, the cost of hosting video will keep dropping. There are services popping up as alternatives to YouTube, with some starting as commercial enterprises. This service lets you create a branded channel that can be distributed on a variety of platforms. If you have talent and can hold an audience, the days of relying on YouTube are numbered.

Zman Blog.
From Gab.

Facebook, in particular, considers what you have done online and off, and considers you a hate agent if you have used mean words, or linked to, talked to or supported someone who has. This of course runs one way… calling Christians deplorables and having contempt for working people is not hate speech to Facebook. But it is to the courts. Oberlin College said that a bakery was racist after some students allegedly shoplifted. They organized a boycott. The bakery sued. Oberlin lost.

Oberlin College proves, yet again, that women can ruin things just as well as men can. Particularly if you use criteria apart from competence to select your senior management. You will have to work with people you don’t like. Because they are part of this human society: you cannot afford to be in a purity huddle, particularly if you are a minority sport. Even businessmen (including Apple and Google, despite their woke staff) find that to be a method of ruination.

In the meantime, the woke keep on making sure we cannot play with nice things.

What has happened, essentially, is that after decades of left-wing dominance of academia, younger members of the college-educated class (including journalists and tech-company workers) are overwhelmingly “progressive,” which is to say they are not only Democrat voters, but monomaniacally obsessed with certain ideas, which leads them to engage in virtue-signalling by accusing others of Thought Crimes. They seek to “win” arguments by silencing opposition.

R.S. McCain.

It appears that the tech masters think they have won the culture wars. I suggest this is not the case. They have debased the culture. Most people are no longer buy their wares.

Facebook, now, truly, is for pictures of cute puppies. And nothing else.

One of my sons sent me this link. For those who do not know Auckland, Titirangi is where the hippies used to live until it became too expensive. It is now full of urban people who like the vibe and lack common sense: that putting out chicken food attracts pests.

“The council have tried to round up the chickens at some point, it’s very hard actually – I’m not sure who [residents are] supposed to talk to because they’re just running around the bush.”
She confirmed the rats move in groups of up to 10 and aren’t scared of humans.
Developments in Titirangi mean the gangs of rodents have moved into the village, which is a problem because they aren’t small.
“I have a small cat, and I would say the ones I have seen have been at least that size,” Jack said.
But some resident-initiated attempts to fix it have caused more problems, with one endeavour to remove the chickens ending in disaster.
“Someone had gone and put some poison down, where this person puts the feed, and that was like a kind of chicken apocalypse – it was awful.

Speaking of stupidity, it appears that there are now Congolese being imported into the USA — while Congo has an Ebola outbreak. Listen to Uncle Adam. He’s lived over there, and from what I’ve read he’s correct. The best thing is to not let people from a place with Ebola into the country. The second best thing is quarantine. Otherwise…

Which is what must have happened because there is no way that they did it without serious organised and professional logistical assistance. Now when you add to this the fact that they have come from a country with a major Ebola outbreak and you add to this the latent incubation period, then I begin to ponder if nasty people are working towards a mainland USA Ebola outbreak. Which is the sort of thing that you expect Bond villains to do.
How do you survive an Ebola outbreak? Simple: you go to a remote area with a hidey hole stocked with food and water and you shoot anyone who gets within a mile of your location.

Adam, Pushing Rubber Downhill.

Stay away from crowds. Electronic ones included.