Woke Breakdown Daybook

Following on a little from yesterday, and noting that Adam is on a roll, we need to consider that most people want to be good. But those of Christ. We know we are many things, but we are not good. Christ alone is good, Christ alone is righteous, and that is why the modern degenerate state hate Christ and all who follow him. Their religion is a debased intersectional ecology that the pagans of old would consider the ravings of a madman, with less evidence than Lysenko.

The bottom line is there’s no solid connection between climate change and the major indicators of extreme weather, despite Trudeau’s claims to the contrary. The continual claim of such a link is misinformation employed for political and rhetorical purposes. Powerful people get away with it because so few people know what the numbers show. Many scientists who know better remain silent. And the few who push back against the propaganda, such as Roger Pielke Jr., find themselves on the receiving end of abuse and career-threatening attacks, even though they have all the science in their corner. Something has gotten scary and extreme, but it isn’t the weather.

Ross McKitrick, Financial Post.

This has not stopped the UK adopting a zero carbon goal, or the left wanting to limit any limits on abortion, or any acceptance of decency. The decent are not deemed good, for those with their own conscinece do not fit within the collective converged moral sense that is the religion of the state. We are inappropriate.


One of the troubles Senator Gillibrand is finding is that there are nerds without enough time. Gillibrand’s family have been involved in the sex cult NXVIM: she had a child who was adopted, and 2 + 2 = 5.

/pol/ is often right.

Ever since it was pushed that “carbon reduction” was a moral good that everybody should be concerned with, I’ve suspected that it was a plan to tax the very air I breathe. Everything that has transpired since then only confirms this.

Sasha Hrongmitts, Pushing Rubber Downhill.

Do not pay for their indulgences. Do not buy carbon credits to offset your travel. Do not promote wage cuts for the environment. If all are limited to 10 hours paid work, the green Stasi should fear: the counter revolutionaries will work eighty weeks on promoting reaction and V8 engines, for they are limited in how they can work.

Julian, on facebook… notes that Australians, like Kiwis, believe if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Number eight wire trumps ideology.

One of the most astute remarks on Australian politics was made by John Howard: ” Australians are tolerant but conservative. ” Ergo, we voted for gay marriage.
But most Australians are wary of ideology. Labor had bagsful of ideology on offer at the election. Progressivism does not appeal to Australians because it involves untested ideas.

Julian O’Dea.

One of the memes among the manosphere is that your face — your physiognomy — matters. The classical teaching was that our skull shape was fixed, as was our skeleton. This is not the case: it is malleable. Your muscular movements make a difference. When you add in the plasticity with brain structures, what you do and think and how you act matters. It is reflected in your body and brain.

The late Anglican preacher J.C. Ryle also once explained of Christ’s doctrine of regeneration, “Without conversion, there is no salvation. We all need an entire change of nature. Left to ourselves, we have neither faith, nor fear, nor love towards God. We must be born again. Left to ourselves we are utterly unfit for dwelling in God’s presence.
Heaven would be no heaven to us if we were not converted. It is true of all ranks, classes, and orders of mankind. All are born in sin and children of wrath, and all, without exception, need to be born again and made new creatures. A new heart must be given to us, and a new spirit put within us. Old things must pass away, and all things must become new.”

So exercise. Lift heavy things. Walk distances. Eat as few carbohydrates as possible. And concentrate on that which is righteous. If, like me, you have problems with distraction, pray that you will concentrate on the tasks on hand.

Via Gab.