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Many cultures embrace war. Those who embrace peace lie: in conflict, total war they also embrace war, like religion. Fervently.

Yes, war is hell, and nobody sane wishes for war. But at the same time boys love war because it is our primary opportunity to perform the role that we were designed for in the first place. Of course many men die during war, but many women died during childbirth as well. It was the inherent risk for each sex of the species.
Many cultures have embraced war and warriors as the supreme example of the pinnacle of male development with the Japanese samurai being one of the best examples

Adam, Pushing Rubber Downhill.

When my boys were teenagers I made, most mornings a cooked breakfast with vegetables mixed into the protein and rice. (I left the rice off my plate). This got them through the school day. It also allowed them to grow. Nutrition matters, particularly with intelligence and brain function. There is some dysgenic effects, but also we are eating a diet designed to pacify us, and our education systematically removes the beautiful and noble, so we are tame serfs for our masters. One should not accept this, but you may find yourself in a minority. Cappy is wrong, by the way: it is a minority not solitude. Other people seeking excellence exist.

I don’t think IQ is so much declining as being “dumbed down” by an education system that discourages intellectual curiosity and personal growth in favor of communal touchy-feely mind-gropery and political correctness. Get rid of the latter, and you’ll solve the former. Leave the latter in place, and the former will only get worse.

Peter, Bayou Renaissance Man.

Sadly, this is not a solution since once you attain excellence you won’t be able to go back.  Yes, it sucks seeing peer after colleague turn out to be a poser or not really have the ladies he claimed he could scrounge up like he said.  It’s even worse when some of them ask to borrow money!  But a peerless day in the life of an exceptional person beats a 57 commute to a corporate office where all the sheep are forced to take diversity training.  It’s just a matter of realizing and reminding yourself of that fact daily.

Still, you may believe the tone of this post is a bit too dour, perhaps even black pill.  You may think having no debt, being a minimalist, and bumming around the country on a bike is the dream.  And it is!  But mark my words, especially those of you who are learning from the red pill community, majoring in the right things, and avoiding the mistakes your older brothers made.  If you just avoid HALF the problems we made, you are well on your way to a path of excellence.  And you will no doubt be a much happier man/woman when you do.  But you will be forced to walk in the Desert of Excellence.  And you have been warned.

Aaron, Captain Capitalism.
Ted Ligget.

I have saved this article to the Archive, because it is likely to offend those who consder their offended nature over rides rights. Read the whole thing: Mark Reason discusses how the mob can turn the Australian Court system into something run by Kangaroos, referring to the Chamberlain and Pell case in addition. If there is free speech, then (as the Yarpie judge he quotes notes) Folau should win. But in this woke age, that may not be the way to bet.

There is one result, one outcome ahead of us this year, that is more fascinating than any major sports tournament or global championship. It is the World Cup of human rights, soon to be held in Australia. The case of Israel Folau is significantly more important than any cricket or rugby match and continues to enthral many correspondents to this paper and website.
Now, we know that the law can be the most awful pedant. If you ask it the wrong question, it will surely come up with a thousand wrong answers. The right question to ask of the law in the case of Folau, of any country in which we live, is; “Should a man have his livelihood removed for posting a religious text on social media?”
Now there is no need to complicate this question. It goes to the heart of the matter. It is constitutional. A fundamental query about our human rights in a modern world.

But there are a lot of people in Australia who don’t like this question. They want to pretend the Folau case is about something else, about contracts, or gay rights, or equality or a hundred other distractions. It is not. It is about a man’s right to freely express his spiritual beliefs in his own country without interference from commerce or the law.

Mark Reason, Sunday Star Times.

Well, the local press seem to be doubling down. I don’t like Brian Tamaki, but I believe he has a right to speak. Apparently this is not acceptable to the current elite.

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki has hit out at Islamic immigrants in a Facebook post that other community members have labelled hate speech.
Tamaki had already earlier repeatedly criticised the Islamic community following the Christchurch terror attack where 51 people died after a gunman opened fire in two mosques.
He earlier claimed plans to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer across the country during a remembrance service in March would turn New Zealand into a Muslim country.
Now Tamaki has further claimed “we can not accept the proliferation of Islam in our country” in a post on his Facebook page.

“We can not … think Just because you’re tolerant, accepting and inclusive that we won’t end up like Great Britain, South East Asia and most of Europe with violence, loss of the host country’s identity, their values and culture destroyed and Sharia Law enacted,” he said.
Tamaki argued he was only exercising his right to free speech in making the claim.
“There are biblical truths and strong convictions I have about my Christian beliefs, which may not be yours, but I’m free to express them,” he said.
But one Herald reader wrote into the paper to say the Facebook post simply acted to incite hatred because many of its points were based on information that wasn’t correct.
“It is a heinous ad full of ignorance and the same ideas as the Christchurch attacker,” the reader wrote.
Tamaki’s comments come after the Herald earlier this month found immigrants from some Muslim countries and parts of Africa were having a harder time getting holiday visas to New Zealand.

Archived, from NZ Herald.

The incitement of hatred as a measure of hate speech is far too broad. There will be a pushback: it is not that hard yet, but it will become so. (This is not a wish: this is pattern recognition. The progressives believe that there will be no correction, and no accountability. But nature works in feedback loops to maintain homeostasis and God is not mocked).

It is not wise to be part of a crowd manipulated by these activists. It is better to not be in a crowd. it is best not to be them, or like them.