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John Wright is morose. This is not his Papism: nor is it that he writes science fiction, which was almost ruined by the woke (who do not understand that no publisher is a monopoly). It is because he can no longer talk to his neighbour. I would add that those who are of Christ are becoming clear, and they are not all in his church (which is wise enough to know that they evil to sort out).

I am haunted by a sense that the End Times are nigh.
It is as if the battle lines are being drawn, and the No Man’s Land between Heaven and Hell is shrinking day by day, hour by hour. There will be no Switzerland in the next world war. Every soul is being forced to take a side.
I am shocked at how open Uncle Screwtape is being: we have apparently given the forces of evil reason to be confident enough, insolent enough, to drop all pretense. Meanwhile the hatred and contempt toward all that is normal and wholesome and healthy grows and grows.
The room for compromise, for mutual toleration, the possibility of ambiguity, all are narrowing, shrinking, vanishing. Everyone not for Christ is against Him.
Sanity vanishes. Now madness reigns.
I am old enough to remember a time when one could have a rational conversation with a Liberal. There were people who had rejected God, but who had not rejected love of truth or thirst for justice.
They had some sort of argument to make based on some sort of facts, framed in a shared moral view.
Those days are gone. Anyone who defines being a mammal as being a victim of violence in order to justify a mom murdering her innocent baby is beyond the reach of rational conversation.
Now they have nothing. They believe in nothing.

John C Wright.

What is happening is that the woke are ensuring that the priests of the church are at risk. Physically, legally. The converged will be allowed, but the righteous are attacked. Chesterton was half right: it is the pen, but also the knife.

“They shall not come with warships,
They shall not waste with brands,
But books be all their eating,
And ink be on their hands.
“Not with the humour of hunters
Or savage skill in war,
But ordering all things with dead words,
Strings shall they make of beasts and birds,
And wheels of wind and star.
“They shall come mild as monkish clerks,
With many a scroll and pen;
And backward shall ye turn and gaze,
Desiring one of Alfred’s days,
When pagans still were men.
“The dear sun dwarfed of dreadful suns,
Like fiercer flowers on stalk,
Earth lost and little like a pea
In high heaven’s towering forestry,
–These be the small weeds ye shall see
Crawl, covering the chalk.
“But though they bridge St. Mary’s sea,
Or steal St. Michael’s wing–
Though they rear marvels over us,
Greater than great Vergilius
Wrought for the Roman king;
“By this sign you shall know them,
The breaking of the sword,
And man no more a free knight,
That loves or hates his lord.
“Yea, this shall be the sign of them,
The sign of the dying fire;
And Man made like a half-wit,
That knows not of his sire.
“What though they come with scroll and pen,
And grave as a shaven clerk,
By this sign you shall know them,
That they ruin and make dark;
“By all men bond to Nothing,
Being slaves without a lord,
By one blind idiot world obeyed,
Too blind to be abhorred;
“By terror and the cruel tales
Of curse in bone and kin,
By weird and weakness winning,
Accursed from the beginning,
By detail of the sinning,
And denial of the sin;
“By thought a crawling ruin,
By life a leaping mire,
By a broken heart in the breast of the world,
And the end of the world’s desire;
“By God and man dishonoured,
By death and life made vain,
Know ye the old barbarian,
The barbarian come again–
“When is great talk of trend and tide,
And wisdom and destiny,
Hail that undying heathen
That is sadder than the sea.
“In what wise men shall smite him,
Or the Cross stand up again,
Or charity or chivalry,
My vision saith not; and I see
No more; but now ride doubtfully
To the battle of the plain.”

G.K. Chesterton, –The Ballad of the White Horse

Big tech does not like Christian or Christ. But we don’t need big tech. Pinterest is now pushing back, hard. Pinterest is annoying. Pinterest is deleted from the phone and my account closed.

Project Veritas also received a large text file titled “Sensitive Terms List.” The insider said the file contains search terms that Pinterest considers

“[B]ible verses” appears in the “Sensitive Terms List,” which impacts how the auto-complete function works when one tries to search for the term.
“sensitive,” and that the terms are modified in search results according to different value assignments. According to the insider and supporting documents, terms are assigned an “abusive,” “sensitive,” and “brand unsafe” value.
Some of the actions that can be taken on search terms include: blocking auto-complete results in the search bar, providing an advisory message when a term is searched for, removing the term from recommended or trending feeds, and blocking email or push notifications. Search results are also modified based on the values that are applied to terms.
Project Veritas reviewed the “Sensitive Terms List” and discovered that Christianity-related terms like “christian easter” and “bible verses” were marked as “brand unsafe.” The insider explained to Project Veritas in an interview that such terms are removed from auto-complete search results

Project Veritas.

The trouble for social media is that I don’t starve if I ignore them. Instead I’m more productive. They are a net cost. Their virtue signalling and purity spirals cause disgust. And there will a pushback, once the safe opposition has been shrieked into silence, and the sane realize the only option left is resistance. Here Matt Briggs helps.

Perhaps this could have been expressed with more elegance, but the gist is clear, and correct. That white normal men are guilty of the sins of the world is undeniable. Yet one wonders if the perpetually outraged who consider Caucasian male stock ideal sacrificial offerings know that this implies the natural superiority of these men. Mitchell doesn’t see it this way, but spotted and sickly beasts are never brought to the altar. Only the pure and unstained and beautiful fulfill that role.
Now it might not be true in fact that white men are superior. But the wholesale movement to burn them at the stake will inexorably cause them to believe it. White normal men will be left with two choices. Become something other than normal—male feminist, tranny, traitor—or embrace their race and join the war. Every white man forced into his role as white man will become proof to the Victims that their worst fears are true, creating a vicious feedback.
Those enthralled by identity politics seek redemption by purging the uncleanliness they claim is external to themselves. The white heterosexual male is the first unclean transgressor in their sights; but because the innocence of those enthralled by identity politics must be purchased through the sacrifice of a transgressor, once he has been purged, another transgressor must be found.

W. M. Briggs, Statistician to the Stars.

Since the powers that be are mad, and call the sane unclean, they should expect that the resistance, now passive, will move to active noncompliance. Pray instead for revival and sanity before active noncompliance becomes open revolt. For in such civil wars have, historically, been builded.

Do not be where there are crowds.

And do not be like them.

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2 years ago

That’s unfortunate about Pinterest. I don’t use it nearly as often as I used to, but I found them extremely useful for creative inspiration. It baffles me that such a platform would even bother to engage in this kind of cultural and social posturing. People go there to looks at pretty pictures, not to preach or be preached at.

Everyone has to get in on the game, though.

Glad I found you, Chris!

2 years ago

I agree with John Wright, quite honestly.
And so? We will fight until it’s time to be taken Home.

Light shines brighter in the darkness, and a clear choice is easier to make.