Sunday Sonnet

One of the things in church today is that we will see revival when he number of people with sadness, despair and addiction decrease. For our guilt leads to shame: though we deny there is a law we find it within us. We cannot keep our own standards, let alone God’s.

The text of the paraphrase Locke used is.

Let me hear joy and gladness;
    let the bones that you have broken rejoice.

Psalm 51:8
Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

Long haue I heard, & yet I heare the soundes
Of dredfull threates and thonders of the law,
Which Eccho of my gylty minde resoundes,
And with redoubled horror doth so draw
My listening soule from mercies gentle voice,
That louder, Lorde, I am constraynde to call:
Lorde, pearce myne eares, & make me to reioyse,
When I shall heare, and when thy mercy shall
Sounde in my hart the gospell of thy grace.
Then shalt thou geue my hearing ioy againe,
The ioy that onely may releue my case.
And then my broosed bones, that thou with paine
Hast made to weake my febled corps to beare,
Shall leape for ioy, to shewe myne inward chere.

Anne Locke, Meditations of a Penitent Sinner.