Sunday Sonnet

Anne Locke continues with her sonnets, paraphrasing Psalm 51. The verse for today is

Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity,
And in sin my mother conceived me.

Psalm 51:5, NASB

To deface is to remove — either text or the face. It goes back to the Romans, who, at the fall of an official, would remove the face from his statues and the texts from the buildings he sponsored, so his name was blotted out. So may our evil be.

For lo, in sinne, Lord, I begotten was,
With sede and shape my sinne I toke also,
Sinne is my nature and my kinde alas,
In sinne my mother me conceiued: Lo
I am but sinne, and sinfull ought to dye,
Dye in his wrath that hath forbydden sinne.
Such bloome and frute loe sinne doth multiplie,
Such was my roote, such is my iuyse within.
I plead not this as to excuse my blame,
On kynde or parentes myne owne gilt to lay:
But by disclosing of my sinne, my shame,
And nede of helpe, the plainer to displaye
Thy mightie mercy, if with plenteous grace
My plenteous sinnes it please thee to deface.

Anne Locke, Meditations of a Penitent Sinner.

There are many who speculate that David was the son of Jesse’s concubine or mistress. But David was talking here about our own deeds. We cannot blame the previous generation for the evil we do. And like Locke, we plead for plenteous grace/my plenteous sins in please you to deface.