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Day book Memes.

There is more spam coming through at present, but it’s being quietly dealt with. Did a lot of text yesterday, so a fair number of memes tonight. The Son says I should crop the image…. which I did. The woke left are doing what they always do when they can’t win arguments: they injure, hurt […]


Patristics: Polycarp III

These things, brethren, I write to you concerning righteousness, not because I take anything upon myself, but because you have invited me to do so. For neither I, nor any other such one, can come up to the wisdom of the blessed and glorified Paul. He, when among you, accurately and steadfastly taught the word […]


18 July 19

This quote (Vox comments I would go farther, of course, as I observe most atheists to be not only illogical, but irrational. And thank God for that! It’s the rational atheists who are by far the most problematic.) does lead to the psalm of today Atheism is a theory. The Psalm is not: it is […]