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We need to start with a sad event: Rutger Hauer has died. I first saw him when I watched Blade Runner (I knew of Philip K Dick, but did not read the book until much later). The best version is the one without the monologue — the directors cut. Some people find this movie disturbing. […]


Pedagogy as a barrier.

I should start by saying that my mother retired last year after a quarter century teaching reading recovery in the same school. She has a medal hanging in the house from that school honouring her contribution to the school community. I have children and grandchildren. My observation is that they learn to read despite the […]


25 July 19

There are those who say that the hero of Purim is Esther. I think it is Mordecai. Esther does what he says: she keeps her religion quiet, she becomes a queen, she defends her king against palace plots (which would have taken her life as well as the Kings) and she survives in the pagan […]