Emily Hart is dead. We are informed we are all mourning her. Or the UK meiia are. It hit my google feed, but not my thing. Her videos do not involve fast cars, cameras, how to garden, or lifting technique. Adam Piggott watched her video so you don’t have to.

Ace of Spades.

If you are a public personality then your life will be examined when you die. There is no getting around this. So in this respect her final video is somewhat unfortunate. Getting away from the fact that the e-scooter on which she died was a present from her boyfriend which he gives to her in the video, the remainder of her points speak volumes as to a life wasted.
Not only that, but in these ten points she seemed determined to continue her past litany of poor choices. For example, point 7 is to do with delaying responsibility. Instead of saving money to buy a home, she wanted to continue spending every cent she had by going on holidays. With a younger man she could continue with this lifestyle. It was a lifestyle of no planning or thought for the future. It’s sad to know that ultimately her decision was born out by fate, but this is not how one should approach life. We hopefully all do grow old, but by doing so we must plan for how that will eventuate. Hart’s philosophy of eternal gratification via life experiences is all too common with people today. Supposedly nobody younger than 40 is familiar with a little parable about a grasshopper and an ant.

Adam, Pushing Rubber Downhill.

I can understand how easy it is to be involved in an accident. They happen where we live. Sympathies for her family, who will mourn her privately. Probably a decent person, but her life has left traffic on Youtube, and not much else.

Most progressive activists are decent people. Wrong, aligned with evil, but they believe they are doing good. Their rationalization is strong. But they have no discretion, and let the evil in, being shocked that there is pushback.

This last, while we are very much in the minority here, there is still a strong pro-Trump and anti-diversity streak here. One might be surprised how many locals have guns in the house. It’s just that nobody, but nobody talks about it, it’s all on the very down low. No Trump signs, no MAGA hats or shirts, no politically incorrect public displays, etc. But we’re there minding our own business and many of us are armed. There’s a reason robbery rates are low while burglary and auto break in rates are high, most criminals are going after the easy pickings.

Someday I’m going to leave. I won’t be bringing my pro California voting record with me because I don’t have one.

Anon commentator, Vox Popoli.
A 6.55” Monster Megalodon Tooth found off the coast of North Carolina. Via Reddit

Identity matters. This was cited by someone on Linkedin, and the paper is a bit too civic nationalist for my liking. I’m fifth generation Kiwi. My ancestors photographed soldiers during the land wars, and are buried in colonial graveyards. When I talk to Maori they acknowledge that, as I do their tribal roots to the land. The newer NZers rely on feelings. I rely on older things: blood and land. Historically \they have trumped how we feel. Note that higher mental health is better, and that the immigrant population in NZ is generally younger.

Saleh Moradi, Kyungho Jang, Samuel Pehrson, Hannah Boden, Hitaua Arahanga-Doyle, John A. Hunter, Nuzha Saleem & Damian Scarf (2019) Express yourself? Ease to express one’s identity mediates the relationship between national belonging and mental health, Kōtuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online, DOI: 10.1080/1177083X.2019.1632907

Of course, the immigrants don’t like this.

Julie Ann Genter was born in California
AOC was born in Peurto Rico.

Do not be them. Do not be like them.