We need to start with a sad event: Rutger Hauer has died. I first saw him when I watched Blade Runner (I knew of Philip K Dick, but did not read the book until much later). The best version is the one without the monologue — the directors cut.

Some people find this movie disturbing. The underlying issues are: for what is it to be human? Is Roy, the android, in the image of God? If not human, then why? Do not say it is the violence: the hero killed as many people as he did. We have always been an unquiet species. Dick knew that, and knew that any androids we made would be in our image.

Right lateral view of the Cioclovina calvaria exhibiting a large depressed fracture.

Life was brutal in ancient times. From PLOS One — the skill was found in the 1940s in a site estimated to be over 30 thousand years old.

Similarly, the injuries in Cioclovina constitute clearly documented perimortem injuries that can be securely attributed to human intentional actions, as the Cioclovina DF could not represent anything but a fatal blow. This evidence therefore testifies that homicide was among the behavioral repertoire of Aurignacian modern humans ca. 33 thousand years ago. Such behavior is perhaps not surprising given its prevalence in later periods and the mounting evidence for violence among early human groups, as well as non-human primates.

Now this will be denied by those who believe we can make people better. They hate that we are in nations, that we are not perfectable. They believe that they can engineer society as they wish. But that is not the situation. We are created: we do not make ourselves, no more than we make the mountains and the hills.

Entrance to the Oceanside, Magnolia, Mass. 1905.@LordMC, Gab.

We need not impugn the good intentions that led Reagan to sign the 1986 amnesty bill in order to say that the consequences were disastrous, nor do I think that Sarah Hoyt meant to justify bad policy by celebrating her acquisition of American citizenship. Her story of emigrating from Portugal — settling, of all places, in Rock Hill, South Carolina, where the locals frequently mistook her for a Mexican — was a cheerfully humorous first-person narrative, surely not intended as a policy argument. Still, I think Vox Day’s larger point, that Magic Paper is no more a panacea than Magic Dirt, is essentially right. Under current law, the United States continues admitting as permanent residents many millions of people who don’t seem very likely to become “real life nephews of their Uncle Sam.”
Anyone who points out the fallacies of liberal mythology will predictably be smeared as a “racist,” and after being endlessly assailed with this insult, some conservatives will just shrug and go headlong over the cliff: “Fine. Whatever. I’m a racist. Who cares?”

The Only McCain.
From Gab.

Since I am not American, and since there has been no laws or voting in NZ that led to an influx of people who are not like us — about twenty percent of the population, which is now more than the Indigenous population. It appears, particularly for the left, that this is a feature, not a bug, for they hate the peasantry, and rebel when nationalists reform. The reason is that their loyalty is not to their nation. They have broken the second law[1] of kingship: preserve your people.

“Oikophobia,” a hatred of one’s native country (and of one’s fellow citizens) is the most remarkable proof that our elite class have become hopelessly degenerate. Consider David French’s argument that, unlike those of us who were born here, “immigrant citizens have actually done something to earn their status.” Well, what had Ilhan Omar done for America when she was naturalized at age 18? Less than my father did. Dad was an Alabama farmboy when he joined the Army at age 18 and he earned the Purple Heart in France in 1944. Is David French implying that being my father’s son makes me less worthy of American citizenship than Ilhan Omar? Isn’t this insulting insinuation at the heart of the open-borders argument, the idea that all immigrants are better than any America, because Americans are the worst people in the world?
If you are a native-born American — and especially if you are white — Democrats consider you infinitely inferior to Ilhan Omar. The tone of David French’s argument suggests he agrees with this assessment, and one does not persuade people by insulting them.

The Only McCain.

The fact is that this elite does not preserve, for they see no need to preserve. Only that which they like should remain, and if that means that something useful — like Wikipedia, or decent internet searching, gets destroyed then that will not matter. They have obtained virtue points [2]. And they don’t know what they are talking about.

It helps every time you hear “AI” to think “statistical model”. Because, of course, that’s what AI is. Statistical models layered with clever data processing, that is. Curve fitting.
Saying “statistical model” is bound to put any audience, except that composed of the toughest nerds, fast asleep. You can’t terrorize or enthrall anybody about our “Coming Statistical Model Future”.

Matt Briggs.

Locally, as the left are in power (though Chris Trotter sees a problem: one of the three parties in the coalition will have difficulties in the next election) and we have not as yet reached the point of division where neither side will accept election results. The USA is closer. This is not a good thing. If conflict starts, it won’t end until the rubble is bouncing.

The Left is desperate. Desperate people do desperate things. They stake it all on long odds. They grasp at their sole remaining chance to prevail, however slender, and refuse to look past it. And if possible, they shave the dice, tilt the pinball machine, bribe the refs.
     This is the hour of maximum danger.
     Recall how many Left-inclined commentators and spokesmen have worried publicly about the outbreak of a second civil war, fomented by us in the Right. Leftist mouthpieces have a history of “worrying” about what the Right will do, while (or just before) the Left does that exact thing. That is where the Republic stands as you read this.
     There’s no need for me to wrap hundreds more words around this matter. The writing on the wall is large enough to be read from orbit.
     Be watchful. Be prepared. Know what you’re willing to do, should it come to the rub. Make sure those around you know it too.
     And pray.

Frances Paretto.
Pound was more right than moderns think.

It sounds horrible, but if diversity does not work, the only way to un-do it is to remove the newcomer groups. They need to go back home and apply what they have learned here. For some, reparations-with-repatriation are only fair. But they need to go, and soon.
We either fix this, or we face a series of bad options like civil war, balkanization, or partition, all of which end the power that the United States has wielded. Diversity has destroyed that; we need it back, so we must end diversity, which means that we must Send Them Back.
For election 2020, I would like to see two groups. The “Further Into The Abyss” group will be the Left, preaching a toxic cocktail of socialism, diversity, and war for democracy; the “Turn Back Now” group will want a realist, traditional, nationalist, and future-oriented society.
And they will be chanting “Send Them Back,” and no matter how Trump disavows it, he will understand that he has unleashed more than even he thought he was. He has ended the postwar order in which not being Hitler was our most important goal. The new order is realistic, not ideological.


It is not a good time. Historic times rarely are. I’ve lived through a few of them, and they was often a risk that things would go very, very nasty. Pray that the common decency of most Kiwis, Aussies, Poms and Yanks [3] will prevail. We have had civil wars. We have had world wars. May we instead have peace, though the factions aim for war.

But in the meantime, get the debt down, and if at all possible be not where the mobs will generate.

  1. The first law of Kingship is to defend the true faith: to love the Lord your God, and to promote his church.
  2. The authors of the link think that being a pasty faced garage dwelling unemployed landwhale is a bad thing. So do I. However, said landwhales consider their status as a means of maximizing victim and virtue points — which are essential for the current social internationalist activist culture.
  3. Note to any readers from the USA — yes I know you have multiple cultures, but they are more alike than you think, To the rest of the world you are all the same.