There are those who choose to be victims and be offended — weaponizing human rights tribunals, and causing chaos. There are those who may be working to accelerate such, turning investigations into witch hunts. I am not sure if such want to erode the culture, but this is functionally what they are doing.

Northland Police officer stops free speech and threatened street preacher with arrest, the first time he has been threatened with arrest in 19 years of preaching on the streets of New Zealand. 

Police clearly breached the NZ Bill of Rights 1990 s14 and s15 “I was shocked that I didn’t have the support of the police which I have always had in 19 years of street witnessing; My message has not changed in all that time: 

We are all sinners, I named a few sins so people know what they are guilty of in God’s eyes and then showed them how to avoid His judgment and eternal punishment in hell. 

One Council security guard took offense and made false accusations to police about my preaching content. 

Which makes me wonder if the police are now effete. In my gym, if you don’t work at it, you will be called. Men abuse each other all the time. But Adam is back, and on good form.

Many events have happened in that time but the world is still turning and things seem to continue exactly as before. Boris is prime minister and good for him. I hope that it all goes well as he attempts to halt the decline. The USA is still on track to self implode, and Europe keeps on being as stultifying as ever. As for Australia, it appears that our swimmers have bigger balls than our entire foreign service.

Adam Piggott.

The wise see insults as a form of improvement. The context is that he thinks Adam, as from OZ, does not drive ‘murican. Cappy, driving ‘murican gets your car confiscated in the antipodes.


Shipwreck at dawn.
Location: SS Speke Shipwreck, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. Own photo

Be it driving like a middle aged woman, smelling like your grandpa, or using 1990’s technology in 2019, men’s desire to constantly identify, hunt down, and expose the failings and flaws in other men, means we’re on a trend of perpetual improvement.  One day Cappy doesn’t stink as bad as he used to.  Another day The Great One saves himself 15 minutes of his finite life getting a blue tooth speaker.  And another day New Orleanians are spared 2 million hours in cumulative commute time because there isn’t an Aussie driving like a middle age American woman with a minivan, while texting her BFF’s in the left lane.  And over the course of days, weeks, years, and decades, men improve a considerable amount to become interesting, productive, and less stinky members of society.  All because we we bust each other’s balls and are forthright in pointing out the flaws and shortcomings of our fellow brothers.

Aaron Clarey, Captain Caplitalism.

Personally, I date the decline of my nation from the day we banned Bullrush. It was mandatory if you were a boy when I grew up. It taught even the clumsy and clueless risk management, how to take a tackle, and how to side step. You knew your limits — or you broke bones [1].

The current idiot media elite were spared taking risks, and therefore they don’t know consequences. But the gods of copybook headings will not be mocked.

“I am the God of Grace and yet
There must be Justice too.
I hear the cries of the despised
The wicked owe their due.

“Some serve with harps and sing My praise,
Hosannas with each breath.
But you shall sing a different song,
My new Angel of Death.”

The tall man kneeled and bowed his head.
“Lord, I shall do Your Will.”
And then he smiled, baring his teeth,
“Just tell me who to kill.”

Requiescat in pace, Bane.

Vox Day, writing Doggerel.

  1. Literally: normally one kid in my middle school had a broken collar bone every term. Scrapes and bruises did not count.