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From Sigma Frame’s links, you get a good article noting how Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet are acting as a revolving door for political operators. Their business: they want to go woke. It will, however, send them broke. The data is at the link: read it.

For those who are regular readers, or who are but haven’t picked this up from me: these are private companies invented and developed by individual citizens.  They have every right to kick anyone and everyone off their platform.  Further, the leftist leaning politics of Silicon Valley companies should be apparent to anyone – which means they’ll attract these Democrats.  My solution is to not use Facebook or Twitter and just use YouTube and Google for the few ways I want.  While I don’t particularly think YouTube access is a civil right, reframing that question by asking what if YouTube banned all blacks or all gays or all of any other group instead of conservatives seems to lead to a different conclusion.

Silicon Graybeard.

A quick word from the Captain, who is younger than I am: the demographics in NZ run a little later than the US but the same phenonema exists.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Generation X women will be the first true “Spinster Generation.”

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Most banks are bastards. ANZ has previously bullied the Folaus. However, their own house is not that tidy. It is worth noting that the Ross Asset Managemetn (RAM) Creditors are in litigation with ANZ. Read the whole thing.

On June 16, ANZ Bank chairman Sir John Key fronted up to Auckland journalists about the departure of the bank’s then long-standing chief executive David Hisco. 
An investigation had raised questions about Hisco’s reporting of his expenses, Key explained. Personal expenses like chauffeur-driven cars and wine storage had been marked in the accounts as business ones. 
The amounts were small, but the principle was important.
“We as an organisation and the New Zealand board and me as chairman expect transparency from not only our CEO but every person who works for this company,” Key told the press conference.

The financial community was astonished. No one saw Hisco’s departure coming.
But all round the country, there were other people who were also astonished – for a totally different reason. These were the New Zealand investors who had lost a combined $110 million in the 2012 collapse of country’s biggest Ponzi scheme – Ross Asset Management.
What would have surprised these out-of-pocket investors was ANZ’s seeming focus on transparency.
Why? Because they had recently discovered that for more than three years, ANZ had battled in court to stop anyone knowing about a Financial Markets Authority investigation into the bank’s role in the RAM Ponzi scheme.
ANZ is thought to have spent well over a million dollars in legal costs on what looks very much, from the outside at least, like an effort to prevent transparency.
In fact, so secret had the whole affair been that John Strahl, head of the RAM investors group, says investors didn’t even know there had been a court case – let alone that ANZ had fought the FMA’s attempts at disclosure over a three-year period all the way to the Supreme Court.
The case was eventually thrown out in April.
To be fair to John Key, the decision to take legal action to stop the FMA releasing information didn’t come from him as chair. He only joined ANZ’s New Zealand board in October 2017 and took the top job in early 2018. But the ultimately unsuccessful decision to pursue the case to the Supreme Court was his. And he could have initiated talks with out-of-pocket RAM investors any time he wanted.
But no one said anything.

NIkki Mandow, Newsroom.

While I am thinking locally, this is what the average blogger in the states thinks of our government. Perhaps there are bigger bastards than banks. I should add that most people did not vote Labour: they voted Tory (National) or Nationalist (NZ First) but the weasel running NZ First turned his coat and we now have a state off the rails. We do have a diverse immigrant population though. Which is why I worry about my parents. They live where the crowds are.

Many people realize that democracy has gone off the rails, Jacinda Ardern is crazy, the people who voted for her are crazy, and that ethnic and racial diversity ends societies, so they are opting to keep their weapons so when the rainbow police fail to restrain the exploding disaster of end stage democracy, they can at least defend their families against the many bad people who will be empowered by the loss of order.


Hunker down. Keep your social media profile low, move platforms and avoid the MySpace effect (Twitter is currently entering the death spiral phase). Use cash. As far as possible, live quietly. And do not be like them.

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2 years ago

I’m not sure which link you’re referring to on Sigma Frame. Is it #8? Woke Journal?

2 years ago

Still here, Sir. In your corner. Good advice.