E scooter demise

The comments on the death of Emily H. by e scooter (which happens: there was one in my town within three months of lime scooters being available) at Adam’s place are worth reading. She is a warning.

Her death is a tragedy, especially given the trainwreck that was her set of life choices. Requiescat in pace, Emily.
That said… you have to have a heart of stone not to laugh your ass off at the fact that she carked it in an e-scooter accident.
And that final video of hers is the dictionary definition of “tragic irony”. Her former drug-addict tattoo-infested lower-Gamma-male boyfriend bought the very instrument that played a part in her death. I’m amazed nobody picked up on that.
It is a tragedy when a young person dies – she wasn’t much older than me – but it’s a particular tragedy when a woman of child-bearing age, which Emily still technically was, dies in a freak accident. That is vast human potential gone right out the window.
That said… given Emily Hart’s long and sordid history of extremely poor life choices, as exemplified so splendidly in her final video, any prospective children of hers would likely have endured very dreadful childhoods.


Then again, maybe it was her purpose to live such an ignominious life and die so stupidly as to be a warning to others. Really, was it God’s plan for her to do stupid videos?
We had all our kids before my wife was 30. Were mid 50s now, the kids are grown, and were young enough to still enjoy life. My oldest is 27. She just had her 3rd, a son. Those kids will learn to hunt, fish, fix things, build and grow stuff. Something that would probably never happen if she had waited to have her first past 35.
Had she had kids, she’d have been too old that little but her inanity would have been gassed along.


Listen to uncle weka: don’t drive anything without decent brakes and decent handling. Therefore, powered longboards and e scooters should be avoided. Electric bikes are probably OK. Longboards and scooters powered by muscle can get you into enough trouble. Uncle weka had to fill in an insurance form recently and mountain biking, skiing and mountain climbing were listed as high risk activites — along with parachuting, being a private pilot etc. Because bad things happen to the prepared who do such. E scooter riders are generally unprepared, and in a collision with a truck the human always comes off worse. While I am at it, women, your time of peak fertility is short. Yes, Uncle weka had his kids late and his wife was older than he is: but that is unusual. His beloved had her kids at a more usual time and has more energy for the grandkids now. Emily is a warning: she should have used her beauty to wed well, and preserved it in her children.