I’m on a lot of mail lists, and I get a lot of spam — to those who wonder why I don’t monetize this I would say that this is part of my mission. Mark Sisson sent this out to his readers. I would add that our character is a consequence of our habitual choices.

Some people find meaning by giving their art to the world, by practicing their faith in the world, by devoting themselves to a helping profession, by teaching the next generation, etc. In so many instances, the mission we end up giving our lives to so often descends on us from the outside, or at least appears to (whatever the objective truth). We may feel inexplicably led to our mission from early on, or we may spend decades navigating seemingly endless detours only to eventually find all those endeavors (and even failures) converging with sudden clarity. 
All that said, we do decide to make ourselves open to the possibility. I got that way because I took a shining to evolutionary and scientific literature, became an endurance athlete, trained hundreds of clients, and started a small blog. And if you look at the granular details, there are conscious decisions:
Sitting down to write every single day even if my mind’s drawing a blank.
Sticking with the blog even when almost no one was reading.
Making that first batch of mayo and going “You know, we could do this.”
I don’t know that you can sit down at a table with a pen and paper and “iron out a purpose in life.” I think it has to be a fusion of organic emergence, open-mindedness, regular diligence, and simply throwing yourself out there in life. Good luck is awarded to those who show up more often. Finding a purpose in life is probably much the same. 

Mark Sisson

The gatekeepers want to keep you from doing art. Ignore them. Do it anyway. Practice your craft: be as good as you can be, but accept that somethings you do for pleasure are amateur, and that is perfectly acceptable.

We should not let the excellent take away our joy in writing, playing, or doing good. The gatekeepers have corrupted the critics, and this is going to implode.

Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi, Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth at the San Diego Comic-Con International, July 20, 2019 © Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty / AFP

We’re getting the SJW versions of the roles whose actors have left due to contract expiration: Ironheart, Femthor, Falcon becomes New Cap. The Black Widow film is, for all intents and purposes, Scarlet handing off the role to a younger replacement. Shang Chi is Marvel pandering to the PRC; it’s also the film least likely to suck, and therefore the most likely to actually be watchable and entertaining due to not wanting to piss off the ChiComs, who don’t hold to SJW bullshit. Doctor Strange is next least likely to suck. The rest are actually ill-known or unknown, but due to top-down imposition of the Narrative are likely to suck harder than a black hole.
And here I am, shrugging my shoulders, and not all that bothered by it. I’m not for three reasons. First, I saw this coming and I’ve already cashed out of the MCU so I don’t care anymore. Second, I already have replacements–indie domestics and foreign big players–to occupy that space. Third, I’m already making my own and therefore don’t care about this crap sanctioned fanfic. I walked away from Omelas; I won’t even glance back when the colony drop hits.
This time the Narrative doesn’t have the stranglehold that it did in 2008 with Iron Man. Now that plenty of us are building new, healthy, original works we’re going to solve the discoverability problem- which is where the current Line of Battle resides in the Culture War of the West. Once we can break the gatekeepers, and we’ve got folks on that now, we’ll soon become too big to ignore and that’s when the real fun begins.

Bradford C Walker.

A couple of days ago we were picking up the kids from the movies and looked to see if there was anything watchable. There was not. The rot has affected TV as well. Just walk away. Do not be like them.