Mistrust all public religion.

In the USA the progressives must still mention God. Not in NZ. Here God is mocked by conservatives. Only the crunchy reformed, the Thomistic Papists and the Pentecostals hold firm. And the Orthodox, who are few. But within the mainstream church, there are many who still aspire to a public religion that has to geld Christ to be acceptable

First, that whole “sister/brotherhood of man” claptrap is nowhere in the Gospel. There are some calling themselves Christian who exhibit Universalist tendencies. Let us commend to them a closer reading of the Word as written.
But more importantly, the whole “we do” thing is a subtler tweaking of the New Testament. James tells us that faith and works are as tightly bound as velocity and position in a motion problem. But those works are our personal, no-kidding acts for tangible people, not the “we gave at the office” evasion of someone loving their neighbor by government proxy. If we could legislated salvation, the Pharisees would have won, and the crucifixion was just an especially bad visit to Portland.
We need to be very careful how we use Scripture in a political context, and less is certainly more:

Thr Other McCain

You should read the whole thing, for the social pathologist is quoting Chesterton — which I am not doing — and I think he is correct about the church too often being a form of therapeutic Christian Buddhism. Because we are not allowed to go on crusade, lest we offend the woke, or worse, the woke repent.

What has emerged in the 20th Century is something akin to a Christian type of Buddhism which sees the fulfillment of mans desire precisely in the negation of self. Suffering is glorified while righteousness is given lip service. Mercy at the expense of justice. The distribution of wealth instead of the creation of it. Prayer is glorified to fight evil while actual action to fight it is condemned. Indeed it would appear that righteous self-assertion has become foreign to the modern Christian ideal. The ideal Christian would appear to be a punching bag who gets comfort through his prayers to God which in turn strengthen him to continue getting a beating.  All of which is meritorious by the way.
Think about the destruction of the Christian communities in the Middle East by the children of the Allah.  We heard lots of prayers for their deliverance, we even heard a few Christian leaders decry their loss, but didn’t see any of the Christian leaders make a call for Christian volunteers to go and put the hurt on the powers of evil like Pope Urban II.

As I said, we don’t crusade any more.

Chesterton’s genius was in recognising that in the ages of the faith the “Lion lay down with the lamb”, noting quite well that this peace was not the product of the Lion becoming lamb-like but that something else kept them in balance. The something was Charity/Caritas which made sure that both the lion and lamb kept within their proper boundaries. Modern Christian Buddhism essentially emasculates the Lion, and for those of you who are perceptive these theological trends go a long way to explain the feminisation of the Church.

Socail Patthologist

These ideas have consequences: we become false teachers, and water down what we have. Hat tip to Adam, who noted that this priest used that erroneous term “JudeoChristian” in this Australian Article. To the Jews we should say but one thing: turn, repent, and worship the Messiah, for he died and rose for your errors and removes all your sins.

I once heard the chair of the Anglican liturgical committee proudly proclaim that they had agreed on a “lower form of English” for the Holy Communion service. This patronising attitude aimed to bring in ‘the plebs’ shows both a stunning disconnection with contemporary people (the most literate generation in the history of the English language), and a very poor grasp of the history of the Church of England: Cranmer deliberately chose a higher register of English, a sacred language for the liturgy. In so doing he was reminding the faithful that worship of God is not the same as having a conversation with your next-door neighbour. ‘Progress’ didn’t end there either; the governance of the church was changed to embrace a form of democracy. This was never designed to be used for anything other than rearranging the furniture in individual dioceses, but it has been used to change matters of doctrine and order that go directly against not only the foundational documents of the Church of England, but the very Catholic faith. Truth cannot be discerned by majority vote. In practical terms, this has led to schism in all but name not only between provinces of the Communion, but between dioceses within provinces. For example, Sydney Diocese affirms a male priesthood and episcopacy, upholds biblical disciplines regarding social and moral behaviour, and continues to stand firm in the face of overwhelming pressure on the Christian theology of marriage. Newcastle Diocese has women priests and bishops, and a recent pastoral letter from their bishop is seeking a ‘Newcastle Way’ on same-sex marriage. With typical sophistry this latest attack on basic Christian doctrine is done in the name of a ‘Comprehensive Anglicanism’; what on earth does that mean?

Aussie Spectator.

We are not called to ease the anxiety of our tyrants and oppressors, but to preach to them the gospel. We are not called to heal the world. We are called instead to care for our brothers in Christ, and do good.

We are not called to be big, but small. Public religion is now pagan religion: I have written too much about how the neo-priests on Twitter have melted down and protested about any man or women of God teaching basic doctrine. Do not let our secular false lords rule the church. Instead, let us pray for time to preach salvation. We are surrounded, yes, but that means we can call many to faith.