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It is fair to say that the media now hate men, and want compulsion. I think the NZ media recycled this: YouGov polls are from the UK, but this is a left wing Kiwi blogger.

A YouGov poll shows half of men wouldn’t take the pill, compared to 33 per cent who would. One study on the effects of the contraceptive pill was shut down by researchers over concerns its participants were experiencing acne, mood swings, and altered libido. You may recognise those side-effects as the ones encountered by hundreds of millions of women who take the female contraceptive pill, and you may spit up in rage.
The truth is that there shouldn’t be any debate over this. Men should simply be forced to take the pill. There should be a law requiring us to do so, and we should have to apply to the Supreme Court for breeding exemptions. The new statute won’t be a practical step – it will be a moral one. The Mandatory Male Contraceptive (Punish Those Who Resist) Act will be an act of retributive justice.

Hayden Donnell, Stuff revyvling

Do not be them. Do not be like them for their time is numbered.

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2 years ago

Nobody’s got to me. I’m transferring it to another server so I am not at the mercy of WordPress’s nebulous community standards. It shall be the same web address and everything.

I have always self hosted, and will leave the links as they are: FWIW I have had local politicians try to deplatform me and I’m a tiny part of the blogging world