The decline of the woke number 59.


Not too long ago, conventional wisdom held that the internet should enjoy minimal government oversight precisely because it was a technology that enabled open and free speech for everyone. The remedy for hateful and offensive remarks, that 1990s-vintage argument went, was more speech—or logging off.
This principle, which can be traced back through the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas and John Stuart Mill, was nicely captured in the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1997 decision striking down certain speech-chilling provisions of the Communications Decency Act. “Through the use of chat rooms,” Justice John Paul Stevens wrote, “any person with a phone line can become a town crier with a voice that resonates farther than it could from any soapbox. Through the use of Web pages, mail exploders, and newsgroups, the same individual can become a pamphleteer.”
A generation later, Stevens’ argument has been not merely discarded. It has been inverted.
Politicians now insist that the internet should be subject to increased regulations precisely because it allows that hypothetical town crier to speak with a voice that resonates farther than it could from any physical soapbox. The possibility of freewheeling online discussions has been transformed, in other words, from virtue to vice. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube increasingly face demands that they restrict content. In some cases the demands are effected through public pressure, in others through outright government censorship.

The movement to stifle online expression is still in its early stages, but it represents a fundamental threat to the principles that have allowed the internet as we know it to grow and thrive. If these efforts continue, we may soon see the end of the free and open web.

Declan Maccullagh, Reason.

After the woke took over big social media: chaser. If they want censorship and inquisition, their behaviour will mean they get the same standards applied to them. Corporations included.

These revenue-based taxes are an absolutely necessity given the global nature of these businesses. There is no reason global corporations should be permitted to be active in a jurisdiction if they’re not going to pay any taxes there. And before you get all libertarian-indignant about this, remember, corporations are a) even less accountable to the nations in which they are not based than the national government and b) they are literally government agents themselves.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli.

Again, the consequences of policies happen. You don’t have to like them,

A Republican candidate for the governor of Mississippi has infuriated [the woke] for publicly stating that he will not allow female journalists to shadow him on the campaign trail as this is not permissible by his religion. As he is a Christian this means that his act is worthy of public ridicule. If on the other hand he were a Muslim then his announcement would have been greeted with the public sensitivity that it deserved.
Females who profess to write words have gone to the mattresses in an all out attack on Robert Foster’s credibility as a man. Apparently he is scared of women; he is scared of his own potential misdemeanors; I assume that they have declared that he is scared of his own shadow. For only a scaredy-cat pretend male would have to resort to so pathetic a move.

Foster would have been within his rights to make such an announcement 50 years ago, but in today’s #MeToo environment it is a total no-brainer. One of the reasons that the female writers quoted in the article are so upset is because Foster’s move is the workplace version of MGTOW. However, unlike private MGTOW which I consider to be a cop-out and self defeating, workplace MGTOW is an absolute necessity for the modern man. The women are so angry because their only recourse  against workplace MGTOW is shame and ridicule. But if the man involved simply does not care what these women think of him then they are effectively powerless.
That’s a place where you want to be.

Adam Piggott

The nature of the workplace is changing. You may be far more innocent than the author, but that does not matter now. Do not put yourself in a place where there can be accusations. Wise wives are counseling their husbands this way, because the lawsuits hurt. Never close the door when alone with a colleague.

And never trust the woke