The authorities are after your mind. They will police your social media accounts. Go anonymous, or close them down — if you have to tweet or linkin or (worse) facebook, then be as bland as possible. We now need OPSEC about the people who pay us.

My company just started the diversity and inclusion, different perspective crap a few months ago. They also are saying that they are going to enforce their behavior policies outside of work on our private social media accounts.

The ilk, Vox Popoli

I don’t care about what my colleagues do in their spare time. This probably means I’m not that good a person — I should pray more for their souls and salvation. But this is self preservation. I go to work to do a job — one that is fairly well paid — but that does not mean that they need to know how many diversity or disability points. And work is not where you should get your friends.

I do my very best to remain lighthearted at work and to have a pleasant a time as possible. But foremost in my mind is the fact that we’re all there to get a job done and the sooner that we do it to the highest standard then the better. Because at the end of the day I just want to go home.
You don’t even know most of the people that you work with. You might think that you do, but you don’t. That’s because they’re just getting on with the job. As you should be doing.

Adam Piggott.

Regardless of that, someone, somewhere will try to test and label you. To their detriment, at times. People unwisely apply retrospective perspectives, even to those who are far brighter than they are.

Professor Catani, from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience at King’s, says: ‘While impossible to make a post-mortem diagnosis for someone who lived 500 years ago, I am confident that ADHD is the most convincing and scientifically plausible hypothesis to explain Leonardo’s difficulty in finishing his works. Historical records show Leonardo spent excessive time planning projects but lacked perseverance. ADHD could explain aspects of Leonardo’s temperament and his strange mercurial genius.’
ADHD is a behavioural disorder characterised by continuous procrastination, the inability to complete tasks, mind-wandering and a restlessness of the body and mind. While most commonly recognised in childhood, ADHD is increasingly being diagnosed among adults including university students and people with successful careers.
Leonardo’s difficulties with sticking to tasks were pervasive from childhood. Accounts from biographers and contemporaries show Leonardo was constantly on the go, often jumping from task to task.


I would hate to see Dr Catani see my work habits, my reading speed, or my coffee consumption. He misses this: the very bright do things fast, take intuitive leaps, and are qualitiatvely unlike the moderately bright. Labeling talent as pathology misses the point.

In old fashioned work it does not matter, for these people are generally the most productive. But in woke work, what matters is your diversity — and then you find the firm is insolvent, and you have no job.

Let people be weird, and let us work together. I don’t need to know everything about my workmates. And I don’t want them to know everything about me.

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2 years ago

Your posts never cease to make me sad that I have a nomme du internet. It’s been the SAME name for 20 years but it makes it difficult for HR to figure out your FB posts, now doesn’t it? :p