Sunday Sonnet.

The paraphrase that Locke did continues. Locke is working on the following verse Cast me not away from your presence/ and take not your Holy Spirit from me. (Ps 51:11, ESV). Sprite, to Locke, was used as we would use spirit, and the remainder of the text is fairly clear.


Loe prostrate, Lorde, before thy face I lye,
With sighes depe drawne depe sorow to expresse.
O Lord of mercie, mercie do I crye:
Dryue me not from thy face in my distresse,
Thy face of mercie and of swete relefe,
The face that fedes angels with onely sight,
The face of comfort in extremest grefe.
Take not away the succour of thy sprite,
Thy holy sprite, which is myne onely stay,
The stay that when despeir assaileth me,
In faintest hope yet moueth me to pray,
To pray for mercy, and to pray to thee.
Lord, cast me not from presence of thy face,
Nor take from me the spirite of thy grace.

Anne Locke