31 August 19

Travel day one. Matthew 20:20-28 20 Then the mother of the sons of Zebedee came to [a]Jesus with her sons, bowing down and making a request of Him. 21 And He said to her, “What do you wish?” She *said to Him, “Command that in Your kingdom these two sons of mine may sit one Continue Reading

Before travel

We are away for a week’s needed break. All posts for bible are scheduled, as is some poetry. In the meantime, (thanks BKGB) the world is becoming more blasphemous. Do not be like them.

Body Hacks 3.

I spent a fair amount of time this week comforting the grieving, because there have been a series of bad events in the local town. Most of which involve civilians. This led to me being stressed, in survival mode, and limiting high risk interactions until I was calmer. I ate food at gatherings in companionship Continue Reading

Time for Tumbleweed.

This started with a problem on the desktop, which has run Fedora for… about five years. I need something that will handle photo manipulation and deal with scanners. Lightweight distros don’t cut it. But DNF is currently — borked. The entire thing is locked down, not able to work. So I do what any geek Continue Reading

30 August 19.

Real life has gotten hectic. Yesterday I had to attend a wake for a colleague who died suddenly, and this weekend we are visiting an old friend of kea’s who has been told his time is numbered.  We will be travelling for a week, and there will be no computer with us. The texts from Continue Reading

This week in degeneration.

It has been a few nasty days around the traps. Leaving aside the ongoing Epstein scandal that is being pushed to besmirch anyone who met with the man (some of whom banned him, some of whom remained his friends) we have transgendered activists accused of child porn (note to the transgendered community. If you were Continue Reading

29 August 19

I often end a post with the comment that we should not be like those who are converged with the spirit of this age. But, then, what should we be like? Negatives don’t work. There are two parts to this: one is to understand the nature of God and how we were made to be. Continue Reading

Daybook with Memes

My local MP is resigning. She made it into the cabinet, but failed. A fair amount of her local advocacy has been around social and health issues. Yes, I live in a Labour stronghold for the MP, but in two of the last three elections Labour did not get most of the party vote. David Continue Reading

Midweek Kipple

In this time when our private emails are tracked and social media read our invoices, a warning that the worm can turn. The modern General Bangs would ensure the signaller was posted to the front. A Code of Morals Lest you should think this story true I merely mention I Evolved it lately. ‘Tis a Continue Reading