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The spam is getting less creative. I do have google analytics on but I have all the bots switched off. However multiple spam artists hit me with this. Yay google is my world beater helped me to find this outstanding website! The killfile I am not the most grammatical writer, but I’m better than that. […]


Thursday Kipple

Our military are far more expensive than they were in the time of the Empire. Arithmetic on the Frontier A great and glorious thing it is   To learn, for seven years or so, The Lord knows what of that and this,   Ere reckoned fit to face the foe — The flying bullet down […]


8 August 19

There are very few Jews in New Zealand: we have plenty of new immigrants who are Muslim, saying that the promise of blessings and righteousness came down the line of Ishmael, who from the beginning had enmity to his brother and his descendants. But the promise left the worship of Judaism at the time when […]